out of box

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(Ticaret) ilk izlenim
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out of the box
Immediate(ly), without intervention from the customer

This software has to work out of the box, without any fancy installation.

out of the box
Outside the box; unconventional(ly): outside the limits of conventional thinking

She: You’re not trying to think out of the box!.

out box
box where outgoing mail is placed
out box
A container for outgoing documents, located in or near one's office or work area
out of the box
– As delivered by the vendor
out of the box
A kit that was built with no aftermarket accessories added to it
out of the box
Synonym for "off the shelf," meaning a ready-made software, hardware, or combination package
out of box

    Турецкое произношение

    aut ıv bäks


    /ˈout əv ˈbäks/ /ˈaʊt əv ˈbɑːks/

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