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(Mitoloji) Mısır inancına göre kardeşi Set tarafından ölüdürüldükten sonra eşi İsis tarafından diriltilen bereket tanrısı. Asıl adı Osir, Usir ya da Usret'tır ve "güçlü" anlamına gelir. Genellikle "Yukarı Mısır" tacı giymiş, mumyalanmış, yeşil başlı bir insan şeklinde tasvir edilirdi
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The Egyptian god of the dead and of the underworld
in ancient Egyptian mythology, the god of the dead, who was the husband and brother of Isis. Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld. Osiris was slain by the god Seth, who tore apart the corpse and flung the pieces all over Egypt. The goddess Isis, consort of Osiris, and her sister Nephthys found the pieces and gave new life to Osiris, who became the ruler of the underworld. Isis and Osiris then conceived Horus. In the Egyptian concept of divine kingship, the king at death became Osiris and the new king was identified with Horus. Osiris also represented the power that brought life out of the earth. Festivals reenacting his fate were celebrated annually in towns throughout Egypt
Egyptian god of the underworld and judge of the dead; husband and sister of Isis; father or brother of Horus
god of fertility and of eternal life after death; murdered and dismembered by his brother, Seth, but restored by his wife, Isis, he served as the model for mummification and rebirth in the Netherworld The dead Pharaoh was known as Osiris, while the living Pharaoh was the embodiment of Horus Eventually, any dead person was referred to as "an Osiris"
according to myth, Egypt's first king; created by the gods, Osiris suffered a violent death, was made whole again magically by Isis, and became the ruler of the dead
He was figured as a mummy wearing the royal cap of Upper Egypt, and was symbolized by the sacred bull, called Apis
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The mythical Egyptian divine king and judge in the netherworld Following his death at the hands of his brother, Seth, Osiris fathered the royal god Horus In funerary ritual, the dead became Osiris First limited to the royal dead, from the beginning of the Middle Kingdom (2052 BC) this hope was extended to all the deceased
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Osiris, in Egyptian mythology, ruler of the realm of the dead As king of Egypt, Osiris taught his people law, agriculture, religion, and other blessings of civilization He was murdered by his brother Set, and Isis, his sister and wife, buried his scattered remains Each burial place was thereafter regarded as holy Osiris lived on in the underworld as the ruler of the dead, but he was also regarded as the source of renewed life
Married to his sister Isis and killed by his brother Seth, who cut the body into 14 pieces and hid them all over Egypt Isis managed to recover them and mummified the rejoined pieces Osiris was resurrected and took over rule of the underworld
Ancient Egyptian god of fertility and also of the underworld
Supreme god of the underworld, Osiris was associated with kingship As a king who died and was returned to life through mummification, he represented all who had died, and especially a deceased pharaoh He is usually shown as a mummified man with a crown and the crook and flail of kingship
One of the principal divinities of Egypt, the brother and husband of Isis

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    [ O-'sI-r&s ] (noun.) From Ancient Greek Ὄσιρις (Osiris).

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