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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
(Kimya) salınma
{i} kararsızlık
(n) salınım
{i} titreşim
(İnşaat) salınımlı
{i} sallanma
(Tıp) Dalgalanma şeklinde hareket, osilasyon
{i} tereddüd
{f} sarkaç gibi sallanmak
oscillation mode
salınım kipi
oscillation constant
titreşim sabiti
oscillation frequency
titreşim frekansı
oscillation camera
(İnşaat) salınım kamerası
oscillation damper
salınım amortisörü
oscillation transformer
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) titreşim transformatörü
oscillation welding
osilasyon kaynağı
forced oscillation
(Bilgisayar,Fizik) güdümlü salınım
Salınım yapmak
{f} kararsız olmak, tereddüt etmek, bocalamak
southern oscillation
(Denizbilim,Meteoroloji) güneyli salınım
steady state oscillation
kalıcı durum salınımı
acoustic oscillation
akustik titreşim
arc oscillation
ark osilasyonu
centre of oscillation
salınım merkezi
continuous oscillation
sönümsüz osilasyon
damped oscillation
sönümlü osilasyon
electronic oscillation
elektronik titreşim
magnetostrictive oscillation
manyetostriktif titreşim
spurious oscillation
asalak salınım
damped oscillation
zayıflayan dalgalanma
glacial oscillation
buzul salınımı
harmonic oscillation
harmonik salınım
(oscillate between) İki şey arasında gidip gelmek, karar verememek
particle oscillation
parçacık salınımı
undamped oscillation
sönümsüz salınım
absorbed oscillation
(Askeri) söndürülmüş titreşim
absorbed oscillation
(Askeri) söndürülmüş salınım
amplitude modulated oscillation
genlik kiplenimli salinim
forced oscillation
gudumlu salinim
free oscillation
serbest salinim
harbor oscillation
(Askeri) liman içi çalkantısı
harbor oscillation
(Askeri) liman içi salınımı
{f} bocalamak
{f} tereddüd etmek
{f} sallanmak
{f} sallandırmak
(v) salınmak
parasitic oscillation
parazit salinim
relaxation oscillation
gevseme salinimi
slow drift oscillation
(Askeri) yavaş sürüklemeli salınım
stable oscillation
sabit titreşim
steady state oscillation
kalici durum salinimi
sustained oscillation
zorlamalı osilasyon
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
the act of oscillating or the state of being oscillated
a regular periodic fluctuation in value about some mean
defined for each point x in the domain of the function by \inf\left\{\mathrm{diam}(f(U))\mid U\mathrm{\ is\ a\ neighborhood\ of\ }x\right\}, and describes the difference (possibly ∞) between the limit superior and limit inferior of the function near that point
a single such cycle
{n} the vibration of a pendulum
Motion of balance from one position of maximum displacement to the next and the return to original position
The natural frequency at which almost every physical system moves when disturbed from rest; it can be free or forced See also resonance and seiche
Rotation about an axis parallel with the towing vehicle
Uneven wrap in coiling and lateral travel during winding Improper alignment of rolls over which the metal passes before rewinding and insufficient rewind tension are typical causes See also "Telescoping "
Variation with time of a quantity such as F, stress, pressure, x, v, a or jerk Usually implies some regularity (as in sinusoidal or complex vibration)
Variation with time of a quantity such as force, stress, pressure, displacement, velocity, acceleration or jerk Usually implies some regularity (as in sinusoidal or complex vibration)
A single swing from one side to the other
The variation, usually with time, of the magnitude of quantity with respect to a specified reference when the magnitude is alternately greater and smaller than the reference
— a repetitive movement or change that alternates between two states or extremes, each of which represents a minimum or a maximum value
A repeated back and forth movement
The act of oscillating; a swinging or moving backward and forward, like a pendulum; vibration
A to-and-fro or, side-to-side movement
a single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon; "a year constitutes a cycle of the seasons"
        Any periodic vibration or cycle of motion about an
The travel of the balance wheel from one extreme to the other and back again See Vibration
Fluctuation; variation; change back and forth
In acoustics, pressure oscillation is the variation of sound pressure with time alternately above and below the ambient static pressure
To vary regularly from high to low values, such as a light wave
(physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean
the process of oscillating between states
A periodic motion backward and forward To vibrate or vary above and below a mean value
{i} act of something which oscillates; regular pendulation between two positions; vacillation between two opinions; fluctuation between high and low values; wavering between two extremes
(physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean the process of oscillating between states
The movement to and fro between two points Also the swinging between two points such as pendulum
The rate at which an electric toothbrush head moves back and forth or spins The higher the speed the more advanced the cleaning capability and stain removal
An oscillation, as it applies to microgravity experiments, is a vibration However, oscillations can refer to any steady back and forth movements
A behavior of a function over some range which repeats itself multiple times, or over many periods [Graphs][Functions] [Case: Newton's Law]
To vacillate between conflicting opinions, etc

The mood for change oscillated from day to day.

to swing back and forth
Variable Frequency Oscillation Generator
{i} audio oscillator invented by William R. Hewlett in which the frequency of the oscillations produced can be varied continuously
el nino southern oscillation
a more intense El Nino that occurs every few years when the welling up of cold nutrient-rich water does not occur; kills plankton and fish and affects weather patterns
be undecided about something; waver between conflicting positions or courses of action; "He oscillates between accepting the new position and retirement"
To move backward and forward; to vibrate like a pendulum; to swing; to sway
To vary or fluctuate between fixed limits; to act or move in a fickle or fluctuating manner; to change repeatedly, back and forth
If you oscillate between two moods, attitudes, or types of behaviour, you keep changing from one to the other and back again. The president of the Republic oscillated between a certain audacity and a prudent realism. + oscillation os·cil·la·tion that perpetual oscillation between despair and distracted joy
If the level or value of something oscillates between one amount and another, it keeps going up and down between the two amounts. Oil markets oscillated on the day's reports from Geneva. an oscillating signal of microwave frequency. = fluctuate + oscillation oscillations os·cil·la·tion There have always been slight oscillations in world temperature
move or swing from side to side regularly; "the needle on the meter was oscillating"
move or swing from side to side regularly; "the needle on the meter was oscillating
{f} vary regularly between two positions; vacillate between two opinions; fluctuate between high and low values; swing predictably between two extremes
If an object oscillates, it moves repeatedly from one position to another and back again, or keeps getting bigger and smaller. I checked to see if the needle indicating volume was oscillating. + oscillation oscillations os·cil·la·tion Some oscillation of the fuselage had been noticed on early flights
To swing back and forth, especially if with a regular rhythm
plural of oscillation
unlimited oscillation
cyclical change in amplitude

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