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The best, most favourable or desirable, especially under some restriction

artificial intelligence Describing a search algorithm that always returns the best result.

most desirable possible under a restriction expressed or implied; "an optimum return on capital"; "optimal concentration of a drug"
Pertaining to a trajectory, path, or control motion, one that minimizes or maximizes some quantity or combination of quantities such as fuel, time, energy, distance, heat transfer, etc This optimum condition, or path, is commonly calculated by a type of mathematics known as calculus of variations
see optimum. the best or most suitable = optimum
the algorithm that produces the best results The optimal algorithm might not be achievable, but stating the results gives a bound for all other algorithms and measures their quality
{s} better, best, maximum; optimum
That mechanism which results in the greatest net gain for the designated economic agent The seller's net gain might be defined in terms of the speed with which the good is sold or the total price received
– Most favorable or desireable
Best or most favorable
optimal investment
condition in which the return from a business investment is equal to the interest rate of the economy
Pareto optimal
Describing a situation in which the profit of one party cannot be increased without reducing the profit of another
Pareto optimal
Describing a strategy that cannot be made to perform better against one opposing strategy without performing less well against another
Alternative spelling of Pareto optimal
Automated Endoscopic System for Optimal Positioning
(Medicine) voice-controlled robotic system which holds and maneuvers an endoscope during surgical procedures (manufactured by Computer Motion Inc.), AESOP
in an optimal form, in an optimal way; in the best possible way
in an optimal and most desirable way
in an optimal manner
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En elverişli durum, optimum
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