open door

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serbest ticaret
açık kapı
open door policy
serbest ticaret politikası
door open
(Bilgisayar) kapı açık
open the door
kapıyı açyazan/ aybüke hülya ürgen
open the door
açık kapı
open the door
kapıyı aç

Ben kapıyı açamıyorum. Anahtarın var mı? - I can't open the door. Do you have the key?

Tren duruncaya kadar kapıyı açmayın. - Don't open the door till the train stops.

open the door
open the door flaps
kapı kanatları açık
open a door to smth
olanak vermek
open a door to smth
çanak tutmak
open one's door to
kapısını açmak
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
freedom of access; "he maintained an open door for all employees"
In this sense, often used adjectively, as, open-door system, open-door policy, etc
the policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries
door that is not closed; place that allows everybody to enter
freedom of access; "he maintained an open door for all employees
In modern diplomacy, opportunity for political and commercial intercourse open to all upon equal terms, esp
Open or free admission to all; hospitable welcome; free opportunity
with reference to a nation whose policy is wholly or partially fixed by nations foreign to itself, or to territory newly acquired by a conquering nation
Open Door policy
Statement of U.S. foreign policy toward China. Issued by U.S. secretary of state John Hay (1899), the statement reaffirmed the principle that all countries should have equal access to any Chinese port open to trade. The U.S. sent notes to Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and Russia explaining the policy to prevent them from establishing separate spheres of influence in China. Their replies were evasive, but the U.S. considered them acceptances of the policy. Japan's violation of the policy in 1937 led the U.S. to impose an oil embargo. The policy was discontinued with the communist takeover of China in 1949
open door policy
liberal policy, policy which allows questions criticism and discussion
a golden key can open any door
Sufficient money can accomplish anything
open doors
To lead to opportunities or (social) advantages

The training that opens doors for you that men from electrical trade schools can never pass.

an open door may tempt a saint
a golden opportunity might persuade even the most innocent and pure of heart to commit a sinful or somewhat impure act
force an open door
break through an open door
keep the door open for
wait for - to arrive, be ready to welcome - upon arrival
knock at an open door
seek entrance at a door that is already open; work hard in vain, work hard without results
left the door open
remained open to various possibilities, did not make a final decision
If a country or organization has an open-door policy towards people or goods, it allows them to come there freely, without any restrictions. reformers who have advocated an open door economic policy. Open door is also a noun. an open door to further foreign investment
open-door policy
the policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries
pushed at an open door
broke through an open door; pushed for a certain solution that was already applied, pushed for a particular opportunity that was already made available
throw the door open
open a door with excessive force
open door