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open-hearth furnace
(Mühendislik) siemens-martin fırını
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Describing a reverberatory furnace used to make high-quality steel
Designating the steel so produced
open-hearth process
a process for making steel using an open-hearth furnace
open-hearth process
or Siemens-Martin process Steelmaking technique that for most of the 20th century accounted for most steel made in the world. William Siemens made steel from pig iron in a reverberatory furnace of his design in 1867. The same year the French manufacturer Pierre-Émile Martin (1824-1915) used the idea to produce steel by melting wrought iron with steel scrap. Siemens used the waste heat given off by the furnace: he directed the fumes from the furnace through a brick checkerwork, heating it to a high temperature, and then used the same path to introduce air into the furnace; the preheated air significantly increased the flame temperature. The open-hearth process furnace (which replaced the Bessemer process) has itself been replaced in most industrialized countries by the basic oxygen process and the electric furnace. See also reverberatory furnace