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lake ontario
ontarıo gölü
lake ontario
ontario gölü
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A town in Oregon
A lake between Ontario province and New York State
A city in California
A province in eastern Canada that has Toronto as its capital
{i} province in Central Canada; North American lake situated between New York (USA) and the Canadian province Ontario, smallest of the Great Lakes
The smallest of the Great Lakes, between southeast Ontario, Canada, and northwest New York. The St. Lawrence Seaway and Welland Ship Canal connect with the lake to afford passage by oceangoing vessels to the other Great Lakes. a province in the east of central Canada, containing the country's largest city, Toronto, and over a third of its population. Province (pop., 2001: 11,874,400), the second largest in Canada. Situated between Hudson Bay and James Bay and the St. Lawrence River-Great Lakes chain, it is bordered by the U.S. and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Manitoba. It covers 412,581 sq mi (1,068,580 sq km). Its capital is Toronto. Before European settlement, the area was inhabited by Iroquois and Algonquin Indian tribes. In the 17th century it was visited by French explorers and missionaries. It passed to the British in 1763 after the French and Indian War. It was the scene of many battles in the War of 1812. The area was known as Canada West from 1841 until 1867, when it became one of four provinces of the new Dominion of Canada. Northern Ontario has a rocky and rugged terrain with thick forests, bogs, lakes, and extensive mineral reserves. Southern Ontario is an important farming and industrial region and is the centre of Canada's population and urban development. Ottawa, the national capital, is also in Ontario
Canadian Province which shares the international boundary waters with Minnesota Home to Quetico Provincial Park
Ontario Geological Survey Geoscience Branch Wilet Green Miller Centre 933 Ramsey Lake Rd Sudbury, ON P3E 6B5 (705) 670-5866
Developed in 1908 at the N Y Research Station, it is now used sparingly as a white tablegrape because of its strong American labruscana flavor It in turn was derived from the Winchell and Moores Diamond cultivars Its main claim to fame is being one of the parents, the other being Zinfandel, of the Schuyler hybrid cultivar
a prosperous and industrialized province in central Canada
Ontario Geological Survey Geoscience Branch Willet Green Miller Centre 933 Ramsey Lake Road Sudbury, ON P3E 6B5 (705) 670-5866
the smallest of the Great Lakes
Battle of Ontario
the competition between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators NHL teams
Lake Ontario
One of the five Great Lakes of North America
Lake Ontario
{i} easternmost lake of North American Great Lakes which is the smallest in the area
Lake Ontario
the smallest of the five Great Lakes, between the US and Canada. Its main port is the Canadian city of Toronto. Smallest and easternmost of the Great Lakes of North America. Bounded by New York and Ontario, and with the U.S.-Canada border passing through it, the lake is roughly elliptical; its major axis, 193 mi (311 km) long, lies nearly east to west, and its greatest width is 53 mi (85 km). The Niagara River is the lake's main feeder. There are five islands at its eastern end, where the lake discharges into the St. Lawrence River near Kingston, Ont. The Welland Canal and the Niagara River connect it to Lake Erie to the southwest. It was visited by Samuel de Champlain in 1615; its early French name was Lac Frontenac. Ports on the lake include Toronto and Hamilton, Ont., and Rochester and Oswego, N.Y
University of Western Ontario
Public university in London, Ontario, Canada, founded in 1878. It has faculties of applied health sciences, arts, business administration, dentistry, education, engineering, graduate studies, journalism, law, library science, medicine, music, nursing, science, and social science as well as a graduate school of journalism
lake ontario
the smallest of the Great Lakes

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    () Probably from Wyandot ontari:io (“great lake”).

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