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(Denizbilim,Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) omnivor
hem et hem ot yiyen
hem otobur hem etobur
her şeyi yiyen

Hastanede her şeyi yiyen kaç çocuk hasta var? - How many omnivorous children are patients in hospital?

her seyi yiyen
{s} her şey yiyen

Bu hepçil bir türdür. - This is an omnivorous species.

Porsuk bir hepçildir. - Wolverine is omnivorous.

omnivor ous reader her çeşit kitap okuyan kimse
{s} ne bulursa okuyan
(Tıp) Hem et hem ot yiyen (hayvan)
{s} (Zooloji) hepçil
omnivorous reader
ne bulursa okuyan kimse
omnivorous reader
(isim) bulursa okuyan kimse
(Tıp) Her çeşit gıda ile geçinme, her çeşit gıda üzerinde yaşama
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Определение omnivorous в Турецкий язык Турецкий язык словарь

Hem et hem ot ile beslenen canlı
Hem etçil, hem de otçul beslenen hayvanlar
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Having a diet which is neither exclusively carnivorous nor herbivorous
Having an interest in a variety of subjects

He was omnivorous in his appetite for knowledge, quite catholic in his range of interests.

eating or living upon food of all kinds indiscriminately
{a} swallowing things indiscriminately
Omnivorous means liking a wide variety of things of a particular type. As a child, Coleridge developed omnivorous reading habits
having the ability to eat both animal and vegetable food
Eating any sort of food, esp both animal and vegetable food (Guralnik 1970)
Feeding on a mixed diet of plant and animal material
eating both animal and vegetable food
eating all kinds of foods (plants and animals) indiscriminately
– Both plant and meat-eating
adj eating any sort of food, exp both animal and vegetable food
An omnivorous person or animal eats all kinds of food, including both meat and plants. Brown bears are omnivorous, eating anything that they can get their paws on
Eating both animal and vegetable substances
All-devouring; eating everything indiscriminately; as, omnivorous vanity; esp
Omnivorous means eating all kinds of foods indiscriminately, or eating both animal and plant foods
Birds that eat anything that is considered digestible/edible American Crows are a common example
Feeding on all sorts of plant or animal material
feeding on both plants and animals
Feeding on all types of foodstuffs
{s} carnivorous and herbivorous, eating meat and vegetation; gluttonous; taking in everything (especially of mental capacity)
in an omnivorous manner
in the manner of an omnivore
The state of being omnivorous
{i} state of being omnivorous
Турецкий язык - Английский Язык

Определение omnivorous в Турецкий язык Английский Язык словарь

(Denizbilim,Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) omnivorous

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    /ämˈnəvərəs/ /ɑːmˈnɪvɜrəs/


    [ äm-'niv-r&s, -'ni-v&a ] (adjective.) circa 1656. From the Latin omni, all and vore.

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