olmakla beraber

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as well as
olmakla beraber/birlikte although: Parlak bir zekâsı olmamakla beraber para kaza
to make money. olan/olup biten all (the events) that took place. olup bitmek to happen, take place. olduğu gibi 1. as (one) is, as (it) is: İnsanları olduğu gibi kabul etmelisin. You should accept people as they are. 2. as it (they) happened: Her şeyi olduğu gibi anlatacağım. I will explain everything as it happened. 3. besides being ..., in addition to being ...; besides having ..., in addition to having ...: Hasta olduğu gibi, yoksul da. Besides being sick, he is poor. olduğu kadar 1. besides being ...; besides having ...: Oda küçük olduğu kadar, karanlık da. Besides being small, the room is dark. 2. as much as possible: Hepsini bitirmek zorunda değilsin, olduğu kadar yap. You don't have to finish it all; do what you can. Olan oldu. What's done is done. olup olacağı all: Bendeki paranın olup olacağı bu kadar. This is all the money I've got on me. Onun olup olacağı bir köy muhtarı. He'll never be anything more than the mayor of a village. Olup olacağımız toprak mı? Are we nothing more than dust? oldum bittim/oldum olası/oldum olasıya for as long as anyone can remember, from time immemorial, always. oldu olmadı It's been just about ...: Bu işe başlayalı on yıl oldu olmadı. It's been just about ten years since he began this job. olmak üzere 1. being: İşyerimizde, ikisi Fransız olmak üzere, yirmi eleman var. In our firm we have twenty personnel, two of whom are French. 2. to be on the point of being: Kahven olmak üzere. Your coffee's just about ready. olur olmaz 1. just any old, whatever, any ... that: Olur olmaz her kitabı okuma! Don't read any old book you happen to see! 2. at random, without thinking: Olur olmaz konuşma! Don't just talk whenever you feel like it
hayvanlık, canlı olmakla beraber akılsız olu
bestiality, live with it, but foolish
böyle olmakla beraber
but yet
olmakla beraber