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(Argo) aile

Favori aile şarkın nedir? - What's your favorite oldies song?

Английский Язык - Английский Язык
a song or record that used to be popular
something or someone old
You can use oldies to refer to fairly old people. a lush English fairy tale that many oldies will remember from their youth. someone or something that is old, especially an old film or song golden oldie
{i} (Informal) that which is old and classic (especially songs and movies)
a song that was formerly popular
You can refer to something such as an old song or film as an oldie, especially when you think it is still good. Radio Aire only plays Top 40 stuff and oldies. Oldie is also an adjective. During the festival, we'll be showing 13 classic oldie films
golden oldie
A record that was very popular in a former era
a radio format that plays hit records from the 1950s to 1970s
plural form of oldie
golden oldie
(Informal) that which is old but classic (especially songs and movies)
golden oldie
People sometimes refer to something that is still successful or popular even though it is quite old as a golden oldie. A recording, movie, or other form of entertainment that was very popular in the past. a song, film etc that is old, but which many people still like
plural of oldie

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    ... i have read it iming i'm a student including an oldie stations ...

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