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mile ohmmeter
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A portable device for measuring relatively small values of electrical resistance
A meter that measures electrical resistance
An instrument on the electrical logging system that is located directly above the CAL ADJUST; the ohmmeter indicates the earth resistivity in ohm-feet
a meter for measuring electrical resistance in ohms
Test set which gives resistance readings in Ohms
An instrument used to measure the amount of electrical resistance in a given unit or circuit (in ohms)
an instrument for measuring resistance in ohms Take a look at this diagram to see how an ohmmeter is used to check a small control transformer The ohmmeter's pointer deflection is controlled by the amount of battery current passing through the moving coil Before measuring the resistance of an unknown resistor or electrical circuit, the ohmmeter must first be calibrated If the value of resistance to be measured can be estimated within reasonable limits, a range selected that will give approximately half-scale deflection when the resistance is inserted between the probes If the resistance is unknown, the selector switch is set on the highest scale Whatever range is selected, the meter must be calibrated to read zero before the unknown resistance is measured
{i} device for measuring resistance in an electrical current in ohms (Electricity)
instrument for measuring resistance
An instrument used for measuring the resistance, in ohms, in an electrical circuit
An instrument for indicating directly resistance in ohms
plural of ohmmeter