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A datum constructed so as to be unique to a particular message in a stream, in order to prevent replay attacks

In this protocol we use the serial number of the message as a nonce.

A nonce word

I had thought that the term was a nonce, but it seems as if it's been picked up by other authors.

denoting something occurring once
A stupid or worthless person
The one or single occasion; the present reason or purpose (now only in for the nonce)

'Idiot!' exclaimed the doctor, who for the nonce was not capable of more than such spasmodic attempts at utterance.

A sex offender, especially of children; a paedophile

That bloke who lives at number 53 is a nonce!.

In a security engineering context, a value used only once

The information gained by the eavesdropper would permit a replay attack, but only with a request for the same document, and even that may be limited by the server's choice of nonce.

{n} a purpose, intent, design, drift
the present occasion; "for the nonce"
Random value sent in a communications protocol exchange, often used to detect replay attacks
The present or particular occasion: "Her tendency to discover a touch of sadness had for the nonce disappeared" (Theodore Dreiser). a nonce word or phrase has been invented for a particular occasion and is only used once (then anes , mistaken for the nanes; anes from an ( ONE))
The one or single occasion; the present call or purpose; chiefly used in the phrase for the nonce
A random number that is used in authentication protocols
A randomly generated value used to defeat replay attacks See also replay attack
{s} made only once
A nonce is a parameter that varies with time (See http: //searchsecurity techtarget com/sDefinition/0,,sid14_gci775421,00 html)
{i} this moment, present
A random value used in an authentication protocol
nonce word
A word invented for the occasion
nonce words
plural form of nonce word
nonce word
word invented and used only for one specific occasion
nonce word
A word occurring, invented, or used just for a particular occasion; for example, the word mileconsuming in "the wagon beginning to fall into its slow and mileconsuming clatter" (William Faulkner)
nonce word
a word with a special meaning used for a special occasion
for the nonce
For the time being, with the expectation that the situation may change

For the nonce he was rather nonplussed but inasmuch as the duty plainly devolved upon him to take some measures on the subject he pondered suitable ways and means during which Stephen repeatedly yawned.




    [ 'nän(t)s ] (noun.) 13th century. From a misdivision in Middle English of þan anes (“the one (occasion, instance)”).

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