mountain ash

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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
üvez ağacı
european mountain ash
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) üvez ağacı
european mountain ash
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) üvez
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The European species Sorbus aucuparia, also commonly known as rowan or more specifically European rowan
Any of several trees in the genus Sorbus in North America
A Texan ash tree species, Fraxinus texensis
A tree native to southeastern Australia, Eucalyptus regnans, the tallest of all flowering plants
rowan tree, Eurasian tree that bears orange-red fruits that resemble berries
low-growing ash of Texas tree having wood similar to the alpine ash; tallest tree in Australia and tallest hardwood in the world any of various trees of the genus Sorbus
n. Any of various deciduous trees of the genus Sorbus, such as the rowan, having clusters of small white flowers and bright orange-red berries arranged in clusters. a type of tree with red or orange-red berries. Any of several shrubs or trees of the genus Sorbus, in the rose family, native to the Northern Hemisphere. They are widely cultivated as ornamentals for their white flower clusters and bright-orange fruits. Most noteworthy are the handsome American mountain ash, or dogberry (S. americana), and European mountain ash (S. aucuparia), also called rowan, or quickbeam. The European species grows to 60 ft (18 m), twice as high as the American species
american mountain ash
a variety of mountain ash
western mountain ash
an ash of the Western coast of North America
white mountain ash
large tree with dark compact bark on lower trunk but smooth and white above; yields lumber similar to that of European or American ashes
mountain ash