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{i} mescit
{i} cami

Bu bir ev, şu ise camidir. - This is a house and that is a mosque.

İstanbul'da kaç tane cami var? - How many mosques are there in Istanbul?

mosque caretaker
convert into mosque
camiye dönüştürmek

Camilerden birini bir hapishaneye dönüştürdüler. - They have turned one of the mosques into a prison.

Camilerde kadınlar için örtü, etek ve hırka bulunur. - At mosques, scarves, skirts and cardigans are offered for women to wear.

Al-Aqsa Mosque
Mescid-i Aksa
Aqsa Mosque
Mescid-i Aksa
blue mosque
Sultanahmet Camii
blue mosque
(Mimarlık) Sultanahmet Camiisi
great mosque of esfahan
İsfahan büyük cami
sultan ahmet mosque
Sultan Ahmet Camiî
be converted into a mosque
camiye dönüştürülmek
be turned into a mosque
camiye dönüştürülmek
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A place of worship for Muslims, corresponding to a church or synagogue in other religions, often having at least one minaret; a masjid
(Islam) a Muslim place of worship
{n} a Mahometan temple or church
A Muslim religious building From masjid, meaning a place for bowing down
A Muslim place of worship A Muslim place of worship
Islamic place of worship Each friday at noon, Muslims gather here to pray together and hear the imam speak
the Islamic place of worship; usually services take place on Fridays
A mosque is a building where Muslims go to worship. A Muslim house of worship. Islamic public place of prayer. The masjid jmi, or "congregational mosque," is the centre of community worship and the site of Friday prayer services. Though the mosque originally a sacred plot of ground has been influenced by local architectural styles, the building has remained essentially an open space, usually roofed, with a minaret sometimes attached. Statues and pictures are not permitted as decoration. The minbar, a seat at the top of steps placed at the right of the mihrab, is used by the preacher (khab) as a pulpit. Occasionally there is also a maqrah, a box or wooden screen originally used to shield a worshiping ruler from assassins. The minaret, originally any elevated place but now usually a tower, is used by the muezzin (crier) to proclaim the call to worship five times each day. During prayer, Muslims orient themselves toward the qiblah wall, which is invariably oriented toward the Kabah in Mecca. The mosque has traditionally been the centre of social, political, and educational life in Islamic societies. Mosque of Omar Great Mosque of Esfahan Ibn tulun Mosque Prophet's Mosque
The place where Muslims go to worship
{i} Muslim house of prayer and worship
place for communal prayer and activities
Any place of Muslim communal worship
Islamic house of worship
Muslim temple
a place of worship, [Islam]
Mohammedan place of worship
The Moslem assembly place for communal prayer
Common French word used for Arabic Masjid
A building (or place) where Muslims worship together
Place of worship for Muslims
A Mohammedan church or place of religious worship
A place of worship for muslims, (corresponding to a church or synagogue), having at least one minaret; a masjid
friday mosque
(Din) Friday Mosque is the English translation of the Arabic term masjid al-jumʿa (Arabic: مسجد الجمعة‎ “Mosque of [the day of] Assembly”) or Jama Masjid (Jami Masjid)
A mosque
Central Mosque
the main Muslim place of worship in Britain, in Regents Park, London
El-Aksah mosque
holy Muslim mosque located in Jerusalem
Great Mosque of Esfahan
Persian Masjed-e Jmi Complex of buildings, chiefly of the Seljq period (see Seljq dynasty), in Efahn, Iran. The mosque (completed 1130) has a central courtyard framed by four huge eyvns, or vaulted niches. It is renowned for its fine brickwork, vaulting, and two domed sanctuaries. The brick dome of the main sanctuary ( 1070-75) is supported by heavy piers. The smaller domed chamber (1088) is known for its beauty of proportion; its dome, resting on a series of arches, is a structural masterpiece. The dome and the four-eyvn plan became standard for Seljq mosques
Ibn tulun Mosque
Huge, majestic red-brick mosque in Cairo. It was built (876-879) by Amad ibn ln (835-884), the Muslim governor of Egypt and Syria. The mosque's crenellated walls have merlons (see battlement) that are shaped and perforated in a decorative pattern, and its three courts are lined with arcades of broad arches and heavy pillars. The arches are decorated with elaborately carved stucco. The main space is divided by pillars into five long aisles originally ornamented with panels of carved wood. Classed as a historic monument in 1890, the mosque has since been completely restored
London Central Mosque
a large mosque (=building in which Muslims worship) in Regent's Park in London
Prophet's Mosque
House of worship built on the site of Muhammad's house in Medina, considered one of the three holiest places of Islam. It was originally a simple brick structure surrounding an enclosed courtyard where people gathered to hear Muhammad. Muhammad later built roofed galleries to shelter his visitors, and in 628 a pulpit was added to raise him above the crowd. In 706 Caliph al-Wald I pulled down the original building and built a mosque on the site, which contains Muhammad's tomb. The mosque served as the model for later Islamic architecture
al-Omar mosque
mosque located in Jerusalem
plural of mosque
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selatin camii mosque built by
a sultan, a sultan's wife, or a sultan's child