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(Denizbilim) minil

Mikroplar sadece bir mikroskop yardımıyla görülebilir. - Germs can only be seen with the aid of a microscope.

Facebook ve Twitter arasındaki fark, Twitter'ın bir mikroblog servisi olmasıdır. - Difference between Facebook and Twitter is, Twitter is a microblogging service.

önek mikro-, küçük

Mini etek ve mikro etek arasındaki fark nedir? - What's the difference between a miniskirt and a microskirt?

önek küçük
çok küçük
pref. mikro
miniden daha kısa
micro chip
mikro çip
micro flowchart
mikro akış şeması
(önek) mikro
micro environment
mikro çevre
micro irrigation
Mikro sulama
micro level
mikro düzeyde
micro management
mikro yönetimi
micro wave
Mikro dalga
mikro sayım
mikro kredi
mikro ölçekli
micro-vascular surgery
mikrovasküler cerrahi
micro array
(Gıda) mikro cihaz
micro code
Mikro Kod
micro flowchart
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) mikro akış çizeneği
micro meteorite
(Astronomi) göktaşçığı
micro meteorite
(Astronomi) mikrometeorit
micro pathology
(Tıp) mikropatoloji
micro pencil
mikro kalem
micro processor
Mikro İşlemci
micro radiograph
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) mikroradyograf
micro skill
(Dilbilim) küçük ölçekli beceri
micro skills
(Dilbilim) alt beceriler
micro teaching
(Dilbilim) küçük ölçekli öğretim
micro vikers hardness
(İnşaat) vickers sertlik test cihazı
micro wave
(Askeri) MİKRO DALGA: Dalga uzunluğu 100 cm veya daha az olan radyo dalgası
micro window
mikro pencere
naked micro
çıplak mikro
ocean micro – organism
(Askeri) okyanus mikro organizması
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Short form of microcomputer
Small, relatively small; used to contrast levels of the noun modified

At the micro level he was a good manager. At the more macro level he failed.

1) A prefix that denotes a one millionth part of a unit of measure, such as a microsecond or microampere 2) A prefix that denotes something small 3) A slang term for any personal computer
A millionth part of; as, microfarad, microohm, micrometer
Equivalence of 10-6 or one millionth (1/1,000,000) Symbol - µ
prefix utilized in the metric system of measurement that denotes 10 to the negative power of six (10-6) or 0 000 001; symbol μ
{i} microprocessor, computer processor built onto an integrated circuit chip; microcomputer, small computer based on a microprocessor
a prefix meaning 1/1,000,000 Abbreviated by the Greek letter µ
a prefix meaning one-millionth of a unit
You use micro to indicate that something relates to a specific area, rather than a general one The vital task was to allow the economy to operate freely at a micro level. macro. micros a small computer
Prefix meaning one millionth
Multiplier representing 1 x 10 -6
extremely small in scale or scope or capability
One millionth of a unit (e g , microsievert is one millionth of a Sv)
one millionth of a unit (eg microsievert is 10-6 Sv)
Millionth 0 000001 = 10-6
a prefix meaning divided by 1 million
A unit prefix that indicates that the associated number should be multiplied by 1*10-6 (0 000001) See the Prefixes topic in the math appendix for more information
A prefix meaning one-millionth (10^ -6)
Prefix of one-millionth
A prefix denoting one-millionth of a unit In general, do not use a hyphen When using as an abbreviation (e g , micrometers) use the symbol µ, as in µm
(adjective) An adjective meaning small or one millionth of the base unit
A prefix meaning one-millionth (x10-6) Synonymous with micron Symbol: µ See micron
In relation to composites, denotes the properties of the constituents, i e , matrix and reinforcement and interface only, as well as their effects on the composite properties
A combining form Small, little, trivial, slight; as, microcosm, microscope
One millionth or a prefix for anything to do with microcomputers
Prefix meaning one-millionth
mg Prefix meaning one-millionth, e g Microgram 10-6g = 0 000001g = 10-3 mg, etc In some disciplines this is symbolized by the Greek letter gamma: g; in others by "mcg "
pref. tiny, very small; enlarging; one-millionth
a prefix meaning one-millionth
one millionth eg microfarad - uF Micromicrofarad is now replaced with picofarad - pF
A prefix meaning one millionth or 10-6
The prefix meaning one-millionth
micro manager
A manager who dictates rather than delegates job functionality to those they manage. A manager who is excessively concerned with specifying the details of how a task should be done rather than managing the big picture and allowing subordinates to do their job
micro managers
plural form of micro manager
Very small

organism → microorganism.

One millionth

gram → microgram.

One millionth ( 10-6 ) of an ampere, abbreviated as µA
A very small brewery, usually only serving one pub at which it is physically located
a 3.5-inch floppy diskette
One millionth ( 10-6 ) of a farad, abbreviated as µF
a 3.5-inch floppy diskette
One millionth ( 10-6 ) of a joule, abbreviated as µJ
micro-level orientation
that part of sociology that studies specific situations
One millionth ( 10-6 ) of a ohm, abbreviated as µΩ
A administrative system that is equivalent to a county or a prefecture and a department. It is used in Brazil as a third-level administration between state and micro-region
One millionth ( 10-6 ) of a volt, abbreviated as µV
One millionth ( 10-6 ) of a watt, abbreviated as µW
Micro Air Vehicle
The term micro air vehicle (MAV) refers to a new type of remotely controlled aircraft (UAV) that are significantly smaller than similar craft obtainable with the 2007 state of the art. The target dimension for MAVs today is approximately six inches (15 centimeters) and development of insect-size aircraft is reportedly expected in the near future. Potential military use is one of the driving factors
Micro Channel Architecture
data channel architecture of IBM, standard for data transfer between expansion cards and the motherboard
micro computer
mini-computer, laptop or calculator
micro level
Tasks on a smaller time scale than those at the macro level This includes tasks such as internal reviews
micro level
Relating to a small area e g microclimate Concerning small detailed variations
micro level
the unit of practice which is designated as the individual or small group level
micro scooter
a vehicle like a child's scooter, but smaller and lighter. It is used as a toy, and also by adults, especially as a way of travelling short distances
Micro- is used to form nouns that refer to something that is a very small example or fraction of a particular type of thing. These are the cells that directly attack and kill micro-organisms The pulse is usually timed in micro-seconds. extremely small macro-, mini- mini-
A micro-brewery is a type of small brewery where beer is produced using traditional methods
branch of economics that deals with individual factors affecting an economy (i.e. individual buyers, companies, etc.)
branch of electronics that deals in the production of miniature electronic components
slight expression of the face demonstrating extreme hidden feeling
A micro-organism is a very small living thing which you can only see if you use a microscope. = microbe
An organism that is too small to be visible without the aid of a microscope (micro-organisme)
a microscopic animal or vegetable organism
A tiny single-celled living organism too small to be seen by the naked eye Disease-causing micro-organisms are called bacteria
An organism which cannot be seen with the naked eye These include bacteria, viruses and yeasts
A microscopic ORGANISM
A very small life form Bacteria, viruses and some fungi are examples
any organism that can be seen only with the aid of a microscope
Advanced Micro Devices
company that manufactures processors for personal computers, AMD
Trend Micro, Inc.
{i} Japanese developer and manufacturer of security goods and services for computers and Internet
plural of micro
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micro talimat
(Elektrik, Elektronik) microinstruction

    Турецкое произношение





    /ˈmīˌkrō/ /ˈmaɪˌkroʊ/


    [ mI-(")krO ] (adjective.) 1923. micr-.


    ... Check out our developer micro site at ...
    ... micro-economic level in terms of behavioral economics we talk about it ...

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