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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{i} aracı
(Ticaret) arabulucuk yapan
{i} arabulucu

İyi bir arabulucu anlaşmanın sorunsuz geçmesini sağlayabilir. - A good mediator can make a deal go smoothly.

Bir arabulucu olmadan meseleyi halledelim. - Let's settle the matter without a mediator.

ara bulucu
(Tıp) mediyatör
mediatorship aracılık
{i} uzlaştırıcı
uzlaçtırıcı kimse
arabulucu aracı
(Ticaret) hakem
female mediator
kadın arabulucu
vanishing mediator
(Felsefe) Kaybolan aracı, yitip giden aracı
woman mediator, woman who mediates
kadın arabulucu, aracılık kadın
hydrogen peroxide mediator
(Kimya) hidrojen peroksit aracılı
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
One who negotiates between parties seeking mutual agreement
{n} an intercessor, kind adviser, manager
{i} intervener; peacemaker, neutral reconciliator; one who mediates
One who mediates; especially, one who interposes between parties at variance for the purpose of reconciling them; hence, an intercessor
A neutral third person who assists the parties by promoting communication; helping to explain the issues and concerns; and searching for solutions
A node-local communication object that exports a single interface across a netlet boundary
one who helps resolve conflicts by hearing both sides and helping people reach an agreement
An individual skilled in conflict resolution who assists parties in reaching agreements Mediation is non-binding and generally not admissible in court
A mediator helps parties discuss their case and try to come to a mutual agreement in order to settle the case   A mediator is a neutral person that is only involved to encourage the parties to come up with their own solution to the conflict
An outside party who attempts to convice two contending parties (the lender and the homeowner) to adjust or settle their dispute
a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
This is a person with special skills and training in dispute resolution
one who intervenes or helps to come to an agreement
A person who helps the parties to a dispute reach a compromise
- A student who has been trained in facilitating the mediation process
A person who brings both sides (union and management representatives) together and helps them to reach a settlement that is mutually acceptable
A person who conducts mediation •Counselling & Mediation
A person who conducts mediation A mediator is often a lawyer, retired judge, or community member who tries to bring people and their disputes to early resolution through a conference The mediator is an active participant in the discussions and attempts to work out a solution, unlike an arbitrator, who acts as a judge Topic areas: Staff Development and Organizational Capacity, Volunteer Management, Communications and Marketing, Operations Management and Leadership
someone who helps opposing groups to reach an agreement
A person who helps resolve a conflict
A neutral, third-party volunteer who has been trained to mediate The mediator assists the parties in reaching a consensus by facilitating their communication, but it is the parties themselves who shape their agreement
a person who facilitates a mediation
One who intervenes, someone who conveys and conciliates The word is used in Christian theology It is not found in the O T , but it occurs a few times in the N T God gave the Law to the people through a mediator, Moses Jesus is the mediator of a better covenant in the N T
A third party involved realtime in the protocols between smart contract parties, trusted with some of the contents and/or performance of that contract
a person or organization that tries to end a quarrel between two people, groups, countries etc by discussion
a mediator
vanishing mediator
(Felsefe) A vanishing mediator is a concept that exists to mediate between two opposing ideas, as a transition occurs between them. At the point where one idea has been replaced by the other, and the concept is no longer required, the mediator vanishes. In terms of Hegelian dialectics, the conflict between thesis and antithesis is resolved by a synthesis of the two ideas, although the synthesis represents the final solution, whereupon the mediator vanishes
A mediator
plural of mediator