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(Hukuk) Ana plan; uzun vadeli ve geniş çaplı olarak şehrin imarlı bir şekilde gelişmesine ilişkin plan
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A comprehensive document that sets out an overall strategy
A small-scale graphic outline that shows all the major elements of a project
Document that describes, in narrative and with maps, an overall development concept including both present property uses as well as future land development plans
A standardized form of pension or other employee-benefit plan developed by a financial institution to simplify plan drafting for plan sponsors Although similar to a prototype plan, a master plan usually refers to a plan document developed by a financial institution (like an insurer) that can be adopted only by plan sponsors who use that financial institution to fund the plan
A retirement plan, including a plan covering self-employed individuals, that is made available by a sponsoring organization such as a bank, an insurance company, a mutual fund, or a stock brokerage firm for adoption by employers
{i} general plan, plan that provides extensive instruction, plan designed to attain an objective; long range plan; long range government operation
General plan for zoning
A defined benefit or defined contribution employee benefit plan that has been prepared by a sponsoring organization and provides a single trust account in which all adopting employers must invest their plan contributions; the sponsoring organization must have the plan approved by the Internal Revenue Service See also Prototype Plan
An engineering outline, divided into several steps, that broadly defines the project over a long or medium term The master plan gives coherent guidelines for the steps to be carried out, so that late realizations will not compromise what has already been done
A plan for the future The Reedy River Master Plan will provide a basis for future development on the River and define areas for specific types of development The master planning process will also encourage and include public input (back to top)
The adopted plan for a community for the next 20 years outlining general goals and concerns
A program for the future development of a community which serves as the guidelines for capital expenditures
as intended here, a map of the school grounds showing existing features and features to beaded to the outdoor classroom site
A standardized form of qualified retirement plan, with or without a trust, administered by an insurance company or bank acting as the funding medium for purposes of providing benefits on a standardized basis A master plan requires that the sponsoring organization both fund the benefits and administer the plan The plan must be submitted to the IRS for approval
A master plan is a clever plan that is intended to help someone succeed in a very difficult or important task. the master plan for the reform of the economy. A plan giving comprehensive guidance or instruction. a detailed plan for controlling everything that happens in a complicated situation
A document setting forth the concepts and guiding principles for future development of campus facilities and infrastructure
means the Commissioners duly adopted policies, statements, goals, and interrelated plans for private and public land use, transportation and community facilities documented in text, and maps which are the guide for the County's future development
Plan showing the main project structure
a long-term outline of a project or government function; "the zoning board adopted a master plan for the new development
- A comprehensive long range plan intended to guide growth and development of a community or region  
{f} put together a master plan; improve a community or land by way of a long term plan that harmonizes all the main components
Hanscom Airport Master Plan and Environmental Impact Statement adopted by Massport in 1978 "as its official policy statement regarding the future development and management of Hanscom Field "
(1) A zoning plan for an entire governmental subdivision, (e g , a city) A comprehensive plan to allow a city to grow in an orderly manner, both economically and ecologically (2) A developer’s plan for a multi-phase office park or mixed use development that takes into account all proposed or projected uses, improvements and amenities
A comprehensive plan to guide the long-term physical development of a particular area
a long-term outline of a project or government function; "the zoning board adopted a master plan for the new development"
General plan for the future development of a community
Alternative form of master plan
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master plan
master plan