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hypertext markup language
(Askeri) bağlantılı metin dili
hypertext markup language
(Bilgisayar) hipermetin işaretleme dili
wireless markup language
(Telekom) kablosuz biçimlendirme dili
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computer language using markups
A way to add computer-understandable information to text files Certain parts of the text file are interpreted as markup instead of content This markup may contain instructions for the computer The interpretation of those instructions is defined by the semantics of a particular markup language HTML, MathML, and SMIL are examples of markup languages
A system (as HTML or SGML) for marking or tagging a document that indicates its logical structure (as paragraphs) and gives instructions for its layout on the page for electronic transmission and display
Code that is added to text to describe how that text should be treated (normally displayed) First generation markups included RUNOFF, TROFF, and Bookmaster; SGML (1985) is the predecessor of most current versions All WYSIWYG word processing and desktop publishing programs use markup, but with the exception of WordPerfect you're rarely allowed to see it
Surrounding text with beginning and ending tags, typically set off in angle brackets This is bold Translators must take care to leave the words in the tags alone Machine translation systems that are markup aware do not change tags, except for certain quoted material inside a tag's attrributes For example See markup languages like HTML, SGML, and XML
A set of formatting commands that identify the logical structure of a document as opposed to giving specific formatting instructions
a language consisting of "tags" to describe the data that follows
A language such as SGML, XML and HTML that use Markup to format the Content of documents
A formal set of special characters and related capabilities used to define a specific method for handling the display of files that include markup; HTML is a markup language that is an application of SGML and used to design and create Web pages
a set of symbols and rules for their use when doing a markup of a document
a formatting language using tags to format text, integrate pictures, and organize page contents
Authors encode information using a "markup language" such as HTML [HTML4], SVG [SVG], or MathML [MATHML]
{i} (Computers) coding system or set of tags used to build or index hypertext documents for the Internet (such as HTML and SGML)
A language specially designed for the processing, definition and presentation of text
A notation for identifying the components of a document to enable each component to be appropriately formatted, displayed, or used
contains sets of specific keywords that use syntax to instruct Web browsers to work with information
A coding system, such as HTML and SGML, used to structure, index, and link text files. Standard text-encoding system consisting of a set of symbols inserted in a text document to control its structure, formatting, or the relationship among its parts. The most widely used markup languages are SGML, HTML, and XML. The markup symbols can be interpreted by a device (computer, printer, browser, etc.) to control how a document should look when printed or displayed on a monitor. A marked-up document thus contains two types of text: text to be displayed and markup language on how to display it
A language that has codes for indicating layout and styling (such as boldface, italics, paragraphs, placement of graphics, etc ) within a text file Widely used markup languages include SGML (Standard General Markup Language) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language
Computer language such as wml which describes how a document should be written (or marked up)
Special characters embeded within a text file to instruct a computer program how to handle or display the contents of the file itself, HTML is a markup language
Hypertext Markup Language
A set of tags and rules used in developing hypertext documents to be presented on web browsers, allowing incorporation of text, graphics, sound, video and hyperlinks
Markup Language.
markup languages
plural form of markup language
mathematical markup language
A method of representing mathematical symbols and formulae using XML
Extensible HyperText Markup Language
{i} XHTML, markup language which is a crossbreed of HTML and XML
Extensible Markup Language
simplest version of the SGML standard for creating and designing HTML documents (suitable for use on Internet sites), XML
HyperText Markup Language
language used to write pages and sites for the Internet, HTML
Standard Generalized Markup Language
{i} customary language used for writing Internet sites, SGML
Wireless Markup Language
{i} WML, XML-based markup language formulated to specify the content and user interfaces of narrowband wireless apparatuses
hypertext markup language
a set of tags and rules (conforming to SGML) for using them in developing hypertext documents
standard generalized markup language
(computer science) a standardized language for the descriptive markup of documents; a set of rules for using whatever markup vocabulary is adopted
markup language

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