major league

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büyük lig
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An association of sports teams which plays at the highest skill level of its sport, especially Major League Baseball
Serious, intensive

The company made a major league effort to get the contract.

Of or pertaining to a major sports league
Analogous in importance to a major league sports team

Calatrava is a major league architect.

The highest level of competition in a field of endeavor

You can't be so casual. You're in the major leagues now.

Major league means connected with the major leagues in baseball. a town with no major league baseball
{i} national league, highest league (Sports)
the most important league in any sport (especially baseball)
If someone moves into the major league or makes it into the major league, they become very successful in their career. Once a girl has made it into the major league every detail is mapped out by her agency
The major leagues are groups of professional sports teams that compete against each other, especially in American baseball. Chandler was instrumental in making Jackie Robinson the first black player in the major leagues
Major league people or institutions are important or successful. James Hawes's first film boasts major-league stars
Major League Baseball
The combination of the National League and the American League
Major League Baseball
The highest level professional baseball organization in the United States and Canada
Major League Baseball
professional baseball league in the United States and Canada, MLB
Major League Soccer
MLS, American professional soccer league
Major league.
big league

He made a real big league play.

major leagues
plural form of major league
By extension, high-level, significant

Bill accidentally faxed sensitive documents to our competitors, and such a major-league mess-up could only be dealt with by firing Bill.

Of or belonging to the professional level of a sport, particularly baseball in the United States
Major Leagues
the group of teams that make up the highest level of American professional baseball Minor Leagues
major-league team
a team that plays in a major league
major league

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    ma·jor league

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    meycır lig


    big league, majors, big time


    /ˈmāʤər ˈlēg/ /ˈmeɪʤɜr ˈliːɡ/


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