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(Tıp) Büyültme (mikroskop)

Bu mikroskopun 100X büyütmesi vardır. - This microscope has a 100X magnification.

(Diş Hekimliği) mercekler yardımı ile, örneğin mikroskopla büyütülmüş görüntü elde etme
(isim) büyütme
biological magnification
biolojik büyüme/yükselme
image magnification
(Nükleer Bilimler) görüntü büyütme
longitudinal magnification
(Optik) boyuna büyütme
static magnification
(Çevre) statik büyütme
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The act of magnifying; enlargement; exaggeration
a photographic print that has been enlarged
Number of times image is larger than subject Thus a magnification of 2 indicates the image is twice life-size, while a magnification of 0 5 indicates the image is half life-size
changing the size of a font by expanding, or contracting, the positions of the coordinates used to draw the lines which make up the characters Unequal magnification will change the shape of the characters making them wider or narrower than the original
The magnification of a lens compared to the naked eye A 10x magnification will make the distant subject appear 10x bigger than it is A common mistake that many binoculars buyers make is to rush out and buy the most powerful they can find While this sounds like a wise move it isn't Powerful pairs are difficult to hold steady and the view is also dimmer It's far more difficult to view a wobbly and dim object at 16x power than having an 8x power with a bright and steady view
The ratio of the image distance to the object distance; the ratio of the image size to the object size
The number of times by which the size of the microscope image exceeds the original object
Ratio of the height of the image to the height of the subject When subject and image are the same size amgnification is said to be x1
the act of expanding something in apparent size the ratio of the size of an image to the size of the object
The ratio of angular size with and without an optical device With 10X magnification, an object appears ten times as broad Equivalently, it appears to be at one-tenth the distance
Magnification is the act or process of magnifying something. Pores are visible without magnification
In a telescope, an increase in the apparent size of an object The process of magnification expands the apparent size of an object by spreading the image, or light, across a large area A large primary mirror or objective lens of a telescope focuses incoming light toward an eyepiece lens that actually magnifies what the telescope sees
manipulation of the rendered size of a frame Magnification changes both the scale of the frame and the scale of its members and components (see also: scaling)
An image-development strategy used to increase the apparent size of an image
the act of expanding something in apparent size
The amount of lateral enlarging produced by an interferometric microscope objective
Magnification is the degree to which a lens, mirror, or other device can magnify an object, or the degree to which the object is magnified. The electron microscope uses a beam of electrons to produce images at high magnifications
Also called power and indicated by the symbol "x" A 4x riflescope makes the target appear four times closer than when seen with the unaided eye Choose high power for varmint shooting, medium power for big game at moderate ranges, and low power for precise, close range shooting at fast targets
the ratio of the size of an image to the size of the object
The number of times by which the linear size of the original object
{i} act of magnifying, state of being magnified; process of enlarging; something which has been enlarged
Ratio of size of optical image to size of the object
making to seem more important than it really is
The process of multiplying a factor times the nominal (target) dimensions of a bar code symbol to arrive at a new symbol dimension
The method of describing bar code width and height in some symbologies 100% magnification is nominal size
The effect of an optics, system on the apparent angular size of an object An increase in angular size occurs if the magnification factor is greater than 1 If the factor is less than 1 then demagnification occurs
The process of multiplying a factor times the nominal (ideal) dimensions of a bar code symbol to arrive at a new symbol dimension
The magnification of an optical system is simply the number of times an image is enlarged when viewed through the optical system However, magnification can often be a source of confusion, since it is not the magnification that defines the "power" of an astronomical telescope Instead is it the amount of light the telescope can gather, determined by its aperture, that defines the "power" Click here to learn more about magnification
The factor by which an image's linear size is increased (or decreased) Cf angular magnification
biological magnification
(Tarım) The increase in the concentration of bioaccumulated toxic chemicals in organisms higher on the food chain due to preferential storage of the toxic chemical in edible body parts. For example, chlorinated pesticides concentrate in the fat and skin of fish in contaminated lakes and streams and are biomagnified when those fish are eaten by larger fish, and perhaps eventually by mammals or birds of prey
plural of magnification

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