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A person employed to lubricate
A device that lubricates, that applies lubricant
a device that adds controlled or entered amounts of lubricant into an air system
a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery
A device which adds controlled or metered amount of lubricant into a fluid power system
A specially fabricated length of casing or tubing usually placed temporarily above a valve on the casing head or tubing head It is used to run tools into a producing well and provides a method for sealing off pressure and thus should be rated for the highest anticipated pressure
One who, or that which, lubricates
{i} person or thing that lubricates (with oil, grease, etc.); someone or something that makes slippery or smooth
A contrivance, as an oil cup, for supplying a lubricant to machinery
plural of lubricator

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    [ 'lü-br&-"kAt ] (verb.) circa 1623. Latin lubricatus, past participle of lubricare, from lubricus slippery; more at SLEEVE.

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