load axle

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axle load
aks yükü
axle load
dingil ağırlığı
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axle load
Maximum load permitted to be carried on each axle of a motor vehicle
axle load
The static weight carried by an individual axle This determined the routes over which vehicles (especially locomotives) might run taking into account the strength of the infrastructure, that is bridges and track work From the 1930s it was realised that the dynamic axle load (allowing for the “hammer blow” effect of reciprocating parts) was more relevant and significant
axle load
maximum load permitted to be carrier on each axle of a motor vehicle
axle load
The weight that is applied by one axle, on a carriage or engine, to the track Generally axle load refers to the maximum weight permitted on a single axle
axle load
the load borne by one axle of a traffic vehicle, a movable bridge, or other motive equipment or device and transmitted through a wheel or wheels to a supporting structure See also wheel concentration
load axle

    Расстановка переносов

    load ax·le

    Турецкое произношение

    lōd äksıl


    /ˈlōd ˈaksəl/ /ˈloʊd ˈæksəl/

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