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{i} yalaka
{i} yaltakçı
{i} yağcı
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The practice of giving empty flattery for personal gain
Play the toady to (someone); take the rôle of a lickspittle to please (someone)
A fawning toady; a base sycophant
An abject flatterer or parasite
a fawning subordinate: toady
a fawning toady
(A) A servile toady “His heart too great, though fortune little, To lick a rascal statesman's spittle ” Swift Lictors Binders (Latin, ligo, to bind or tie) These Roman officers were so called because they bound the hands and feet of criminals before they executed the sentence of the law (Aulus Gellius ) “The lictors at that word, tall yeomen all and strong Each with his axe and sheaf of twigs, went down into the throng ” Macaulay: Virginia Lid Anglo-Saxon, hlid; Dutch and Danish, lid “Close” is the Latin supine clus-um

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    brown noser, flatterer, sycophant, toady



    () A compounding: lick (“pass one’s tongue over”) + spittle (“saliva”); the verb may derive by back-formation from the nominal derivation lickspittling (see below).“” listed in the Oxford English Dictionary

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