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tipo baskısı
tipo baskı
bir kitabın yazılı kısmı
yazılı kısım/tipo baskı
{i} kitap metni
tipo baskı makinesi
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The printing process in which ink is applied to the top surface of a raised image area, which is then pressed against paper to transfer the image
a machine used for such printing
: printing directly from type, in distinction from printing from plates
Printing equipment that prints directly from the "type" to the paper as opposed to offset printing
{i} process of printing from a raised inked surface; something printed using the letterpress process; (British) printed text (as opposed to illustrations)
Printing done directly from the inked, raised surface of the printing plate
Printing method using a raised area
printing directly from type, in distinction from printing from plates
A printing method where the areas to be inked are higher than the non-printing areas The inked areas are then placed in contact with the material to be printed, transferring the ink from the raised areas to the substrate A similar technique is used with rubber stamps See also: Flexography; relief plate; relief printing
This is the oldest form of printing, done by raised images on printing plates This printing method leaves impressions (pressed letters) on paper which has an authentic, tactile quality This type of printing is very elegant and used for weddings, but it costs up to three times as much as offset (flat) printing It is often difficult to find printers who still practice this rare art
Printing of text from relief type, especially of pre-twentieth century broadsheets and books Since the advent of laser printing, phototypesetting, and offset lithograpy in the past twenty years, little is printed by letterpress
A printing method that stamps ink onto paper, using raised lettering
a relief printing process in which a raised image is inked to produce an impression; the impression is then transferred by placing paper against image and applying pressure
The oldest printing method, in which the image to be printed is raised from the plate, inked, and applied directly to paper
A type of printing using raised type on a platen to transfer ink to paper Widely used before the invention of offset lithography
A method of printing where the wrong-reading raised surface of a printing plate is inked and impressed directly onto the paper There are four types of letterpress presses; platen, flatbed cylinder, rotary and belt
A stage in the note printing process where the coloured background design is transferred to the sheet of notes, normally both sides at the same time Also known as the Simultan stage
Print; letters and words impressed on paper or other material by types; often used of the reading matter in distinction from the illustrations
Printing that utilizes inked raised surfaces to create the image
{s} printed by letterpress, printed from a raised inked surface
The original printing process where a raised image is used to transfer ink to the paper by direct contact under pressure
Method of printing from raised surfaces, either metal type or plates whose surfaces have been etched away from image areas Also called block printing
Printing accomplished by pressing the surface to be printed on a raised, inked surface
printing from a plate with raised characters
letterpress printing
or relief printing or typographic printing In commercial printing, process by which many copies are produced by repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against sheets or a continuous roll of paper. Letterpress is the oldest traditional printing technique, the only important one from the time of Johannes Gutenberg ( 1450) until lithography (late 18th century) and especially offset printing (early 20th century). The ink-bearing surface for a page of text was originally assembled letter by letter and line by line. The Monotype and Linotype were the first keyboard-activated typesetting machines. Letterpress can produce high-quality work at high speed, but requires much time to prepare and adjust the press. For the sake of speed, newspapers are now printed by the offset process

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