just like you

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just like that
In that manner
just like that
unexpectedly, without warning

We were jogging slowly in the park when, just like that, she collapsed.

just like that
(DISAPPROVING) Suddenly and unexpectedly: "Their son went off and got married last week, just like that."
just like that
Instantly or effortlessly
just like him
it befits him, it's typical of him; exactly like him
just like that
merely like that, just so, thus, with a flip of the wrist, with a wave of the hand
just like you

    Турецкое произношение

    cîst layk yu


    /ʤəst ˈlīk ˈyo͞o/ /ʤɪst ˈlaɪk ˈjuː/


    ... [ Laughter ] >>Taylor Swift: You know? It's just like you're ...

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