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An itinerant entertainer in medieval England and France; roles included song, music, acrobatics etc
(French, meaning 'juggler') A wandering minstrel, common in medieval times, whose skills often combined singing, playing an instrument (often a fiddle), acrobatics, and juggline
A plane for smoothing the surfaces of pieces which are to be accurately joi
{i} wandering musician during the Middle Ages
In the Middle Ages, a court attendant or other person who, for hire, recited or sang verses, usually of his own composition
A juggler; a conjuror
A venerable name for a minstrel or traveling story-teller
An instrumental musician See also Bard
A narrow piece of scenery used to join together two flats or wings of an interior setting
Having joints; articulated; full of nodes; knotty; as, a jointed doll; jointed structure
Professional storyteller or public entertainer in medieval France. His roles included those of musician, juggler, acrobat, and reciter of literary works. Jongleurs performed in marketplaces on public holidays, in abbeys, and in castles of nobles, who sometimes retained them in permanent employment. Jongleurs were most important in the 13th century; in the 14th century, the various facets of their role were taken over by other performers. See also goliard; trouvère
(O Prov joglar) A singer of vernacular French or Occitanian verse and who may or may not be the original writer
A projecting or retreating part in something; any irregularity of line or surface, as in a wall
A place of low resort, as for smoking opium
One who, or that which, joints
a singer of folk songs
To fit as if by joints; to coalesce as joints do; as, the stones joint, neatly
A medieval secular musician

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    [ zhOn-'gl&r ] (noun.) 1779. Loanword from French jongleur.

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