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kuralları bozma
{i} bozma
{i} çiğneme
{i} (kuralları) bozma, ihlal
(Tıp) Kırık ucun kemikten ayrılmadığı kırık, tam olmayan kırık
{i} tecâvüz
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A minor offence, petty crime
a violation; breach
A major violation of rules which leads to a penalty, if detected by the referee
an act of breaking a rule or law infraction of (infractio, from infringere; INFRINGE)
a crime less serious than a felony
A violation of law not punishable by imprisonment Minor traffic offenses generally are considered infractions
The act of infracting or breaking; breach; violation; nonobservance; infringement; as, an infraction of a treaty, compact, rule, or law
A minor violation of the law, contract, or right that is not a misdemeanor or a felony and that cannot be punished by imprisonment (compare Felony, Misdemeanor)
{i} breach, infringement, violation (of a commitment or obligation)
A breach, violation, or infringement; as of a law, a contract, a right or duty A violation of a statute for which the only sentence authorized is a fine and which violation is expressly designated as an infraction
The breaking of a minor law; usually traffic laws in which no imprisonment may be imposed
A minor violation of a law, contract, or right that is not a misdemeanor nor a felony and which cannot be punished by imprisonment
a violation of a law for which the only penalty is a fine
To infringe, violate or disobey (a rule)
neutral-zone infraction
an infraction in which a football player, on defense, gets into or crosses the neutral zone before the snap, causing an offensive player to false start. The penalty is against the defense, not the offense
{n} the act of breaking, a violation
{f} infringe, violate, transgress (a commitment or obligation)
Not broken or fractured; unharmed; whole
To break; to infringe
act in disregard of laws and rules; "offend all laws of humanity"; "violate the basic laws or human civilization"; "break a law"
plural of infraction
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disiplin suçu infraction of
the rules