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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{s} kötü şöhretli

Tom, hapiste iken, kötü şöhretli bir araba hırsızı olan John'la arkadaş oldu. - While in jail, Tom befriended John, an infamous car thief.

2011 yılının en kötü şöhretli ifadesi Kebap cinayetleridir. - The most infamous expression for the year 2011 is Kebab murders.

{s} adı kötüye çıkmış, (kötü bir şeyden dolayı) meşhur
(Kanun) haysiyetsiz

2011 yılının en rezil ifadesi kebap cinayetleri'dir. - Year 2011's most infamous expression is Kebab murders.

{s} berbat
{s} yüz kızartıcı suç işlemiş
{s} adı çıkmış
{s} yüz kızartıcı
{s} kepaze
{s} ayıp, çok çirkin
{s} utanç verici
kötü ün yapmış/rezil
infamousness rezillik
infamously rezaletle
infamous crime
(Kanun) terzil edici cürüm
infamous crimes
(Kanun) yüz kızartıcı suçlar
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
in England / Great Britain, a judicial punishment which deprived the infamous person of certain rights; this included a prohibition against holding public office, exercising the franchise, receiving a public pension, serving on a jury, or giving testimony in a court of law
having a bad reputation; of bad report; notoriously vile; detestable

He was an infamous perjurer.

causing infamy; disgraceful

This infamous deed tarnishes all involved.

publicly branded or notorious, as for vice, or crime
{s} disreputable; deplorable, terrible, shameful, indecent; heinous, villainous
having a bad reputation; of bad report; notoriously vile; detestable; as, an infamous traitor; an infamous perjurer
Having a bad name as being the place where an odious crime was committed, or as being associated with something detestable; hence, unlucky; perilous; dangerous
Branded with infamy by conviction of a crime; as, at common law, an infamous person can not be a witness
having an exceedingly bad reputation; "a notorious gangster"; "the tenderloin district was notorious for vice"
Infamous people or things are well-known because of something bad. He was infamous for his anti-feminist attitudes. = notorious. well known for being bad or evil (infamis, from fama; FAME)
Of very bad report; having a reputation of the worst kind; held in abhorrence; guilty of something that exposes to infamy; base; notoriously vile; detestable; as, an infamous traitor; an infamous perjurer
Causing or producing infamy; deserving detestation; scandalous to the last degree; as, an infamous act; infamous vices; infamous corruption
{a} vile, base, scandalous, notorious
In an infamous manner or degree; scandalously; disgracefully; shamefully
disreputably; shamefully, indecently; villainously
In an infamous manner