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Not similar or congruent; not matching or fitting in

Ardent suns had likewise tanned his face till it was swarthy as a Spaniard's. The yellow mustache appeared incongruous in the midst of such swarthiness.

unsuitable for the time, place, or occasion
Someone or something that is incongruous seems strange when considered together with other aspects of a situation. She was small and fragile and looked incongruous in an army uniform + incongruously in·con·gru·ous·ly buildings perched incongruously in a high green valley. strange, unexpected, or unsuitable in a particular situation
lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness; "a plan incongruous with reason"; "incongruous behavior"; "a joke that was incongruous with polite conversation"
Not congruous; reciprocally disagreeing; not capable of harmonizing or readily assimilating; inharmonious; inappropriate; unsuitable; not fitting; inconsistent; improper; as, an incongruous remark; incongruous behavior, action, dress, etc
{s} inconsistent; inharmonious; unsuitable, inappropriate
{a} inconsistent, unfit, absurd
in an incongruous manner; "his shirttails stuck out from his tuxedo pants somewhat incongruously
in an incongruous manner; "his shirttails stuck out from his tuxedo pants somewhat incongruously"
In an incongruous manner
inharmoniously; inappropriately, improperly
{i} inconsistency; lack of harmony; unsuitableness, quality of being inappropriate
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yamalı bohça motley collection, raggle-taggle group, haphazard and incongruous a
(of people or things)