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Kayıplar hesaplanamazdır. - The losses are incalculable.

{s} hesap edilemez
{s} haddi hesabı olmayan
{s} hesap edilemez, hesaplanamayan; haddi hesabı olmayan
incalculably hesaba gelmez bir şekilde
{s} sağı solu belli olmaz
{s} değişken
hesaplanamaz şekilde
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Of a person's mood or character, etc.: Impossible to predict

He is incalculable when he's drunk. He can turn from an amiable person into a violent horror from one moment to the next.

Impossible to calculate
Very great or numerous

The loss the National Libarary suffered from the fire is incalculable.

Something that is incalculable cannot be calculated or estimated because it is so great. He warned that the effects of any war would be incalculable = inestimable. too great to be calculated
not capable of being calculated
{s} numerous; innumerable, inestimable, cannot be calculated; cannot be forecast, unpredictable; uncertain
Not capable of being calculated; beyond calculation; very great
Of a persons mood or character, etc.: Impossible to predict
In an incalculable manner
in a manner which cannot be calculated; in an unpredictable manner