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See inasmuch as
See In as much as, under In, prep
conj. since-, to the extent that-; in view of the fact that-; while-
In like degree; in like manner; seeing that; considering that; since; followed by as
inasmuch as
because of the fact that; since

Inasmuch as I already know you, I shall call you Jim, not James.

inasmuch as
to the extent that; insofar as

You will improve, only inasmuch as you practice.

inasmuch as
You use inasmuch as to introduce a statement which explains something you have just said, and adds to it. This was a good decision inasmuch as it worked for you. = insofar as. used to explain the way in which, what you are saying is true
inasmuch as
in view of the fact that, seeing that, since; in so far as, to such a degree as