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a person who draws pictures (especially illustrations in books or magazines)

Terry is one of the best illustrators of children's books in the country.

Adobe application used to create illustrations and drawings
Someone who develops original artwork for use in commercial applications
an artist who makes illustrations (for books or magazines or advertisements etc )
A graphics software program manufactured by Adobe to top
{i} artist who illustrates; one who explains
An illustrator is an artist who draws pictures and diagrams for books and magazines. someone who draws pictures, especially for books
an artist who makes illustrations for books or magazines or advertisements etc
An individual who renders original graphics for publication or commercial art
Adobe vector based illustration software, commonly used when creating logos and other graphically based images Similar to Macromedia Freehand
One who illustrates
a vector-based, graphic drawing program or application that lets you create professional artwork, from simple logos to advertisements to intricate technical illustrations
Someone who develops original artwork for use in commercial applications Imagesetter - A high resolution output device for producing film used to create plates for a printing press Imposition - The process of arranging the pages of copy so that when the sheets are printed and folded for binding the pages will be in the proper order
A computer illustration program developed by Adobe Systems, Inc
A graphic design program used of Applemac computer for the production of Text and Artwork
MAC application, line art contour program, also to place images
plural of illustrator

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    /ˈələsˌtrātər/ /ˈɪləsˌtreɪtɜr/


    [ 'i-l&s-"trAt also i ] (verb.) 1526. illustrate + -or

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