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(Tıp) Primer bir hastalığın tedavisi sırasında ortaya çıkan v bu tedaviye bağlı olarak gelişen sekonder bir rahatsızlık durumu
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Induced by the words or actions of the physician

Another group argues that the diagnosis is being overused and that many of the diagnosed cases are iatrogenic, or unintentionally shaped or caused by the practitioner (Lilienfeld et al., 1999; Spanos, 1994). (boldface in original).

Pertaining to medical problems caused by a doctor's treatment
Failures that are caused by your own service person
Induced inadvertently by the medical treatment of procedures of a physician
refers to an unfavorable response to medical or surgical treatment; symptoms attributable to a medical therapy (e g , peripheral neuropathy caused by an antiviral drug) See also nosocomial
An unfavorable response induced by a therapeutic effort
treatment induced
Refers to an illness caused or aggravated by the physician
Describing any adverse condition that is a reaction to treatment by physicians, especially to infections transmitted during therapy
Introduction of substances into the subarachnoid space, eg dyes for myelograms, or by inadvertent penetration into the subarachnoid space of steroids or spinal anaesthetics while giving epidural injections
A disorder with is caused by a medical treatment In CJD a certain number of cases appear to have resulted from injections of infected growth hormone material
{s} inadvertently caused by the diagnosis or treatment of a physician (of infections or symptoms)
Induced inadvertently by the medical treatment or procedures of a physician
induced by a physician's words or therapy (used especially of a complication resulting from treatment)
Due to the activity of a physician or a therapy Inadvertently caused by a physician or surgeon or by a medical or surgical treatment or a diagnostic procedure
caused by treatment or diagnostic procedures
literally, "physician induced" These terms can be applied to any medical condition, disease, or other adverse occurrence that results from medical treatment
Disease induced by medical intervention

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    [ (")I-"a-tr&-'je-nik ] (adjective.) 1924. From Ancient Greek ἰατρός (iatros, “doctor”) + -genic.

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