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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{s} korkunç

O korkunç bir deneyimdi. - It was a horrendous experience.

Korkunç bir durum gelişti. Hükümetin tatmin edici bir çözüm bulabileceğini umuyoruz. - A horrendous situation developed. We hope the government can find a satisfactory solution.

{s} aşırı
dehşet verici
dehşet saçarak
{s} dehşetli

Kesinlikle dehşetliydi. - It was absolutely horrendous.

horrendouslykorkunç bir şekilde
korkunç bir şekilde
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Extremely bad; awful; terrible

My journey to work this morning was horrendous!.

causing fear or dread or terror; "the awful war"; "an awful risk"; "dire news"; "a career or vengeance so direful that London was shocked"; "the dread presence of the headmaster"; "polio is no longer the dreaded disease it once was"; "a dreadful storm"; "a fearful howling"; "horrendous explosions shook the city"; "a terrible curse"
Fearful; frightful
Something that is horrendous is very unpleasant or shocking. He described it as the most horrendous experience of his life = horrific
Some people use horrendous to describe something that is so big or great that they find it extremely unpleasant. the usually horrendous traffic jams. = dreadful + horrendously hor·ren·dous·ly Many outings can now be horrendously expensive for parents with a young family
{s} terrible, horrible, dreadful
In a horrendous manner
terribly, horribly, awfully

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    Турецкое произношение



    awful, horrific, terrible


    /ˌhôˈrendəs/ /ˌhɔːˈrɛndəs/


    [ ho-'ren-d&s, hä-, h&a ] (adjective.) 1659. From Latin horrendus, future participle of horrēre (“to dread”).