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Something left behind, saved or remaining from an earlier time.''

That policy is a holdover from days of punch card data entry.

an action, feeling, or idea that has continued from the past into the present = hangover holdover from
{i} person or thing that remains from a previous time
something that has survived from the past; "a holdover from the sixties"; "hangovers from the 19th century"
Something left behind, saved or remaining from an earlier time
an official who remains in office after his term
holdover audience
The audience a program acquires from listeners of a preceding high rated program on the station that stayed with the station Also called inherited audience A usually weak program following an important movie or special often can be a bargain
holdover audience
The listenership a programme acquires from the preceding programme
holdover audience
The percent of a program's audience that watched or listened to the immediately preceding program on the same station Also called Inherited audience (see below)
holdover of pay
postponing payment of wages