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Турецкий язык - Турецкий язык
Güney-Doğu Asya ülkeleri ve çin'de yaygın olarak bulunan etnik grup
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A people in China living predominantly in the southern provinces today. Believed to be the first ethnic group in China, and even older than ethnic Han
Of or relating to the Hmong, their culture, or their language
The language of these people
{i} Miao, language of the Hmong
{i} tribe inhabiting the mountains of south China and nearby areas (of Laos, Vietnam and Thailand)
{i} Miao, member of a people who live in the mountains of south China and nearby areas of Laos and Vietnam and Thailand
or Miao Mountain-dwelling peoples of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand who speak Hmong-Mien languages. There are also émigré communities in the U.S. Agriculture is the chief means of subsistence for the Hmong throughout their traditional territories; they grow corn (maize) and rice and raise opium as a cash crop. Most venerate spirits, demons, and ancestral ghosts, and animal sacrifice is widespread. Households are multigenerational. In China many Hmong follow the Chinese practice of arranged marriage. Worldwide they number about 9 million
Hmong-Mien languages
or Miao-Yao languages Language family of southern China, northern Vietnam, Laos, and northern Thailand, with more than nine million speakers. Hmong (Miao, Meo) has been divided into three dialect groups, Western, Central, and Northern. Beginning in the 18th century, groups of Western dialect speakers immigrated into northern Indochina. In the aftermath of the Indochina wars that ended in 1975, many Hmong fled from Laos to Thailand. Some were eventually resettled in the U.S., which now has perhaps 150,000 Western dialect speakers. Mien (Yao) has three major dialects; the largest of which, also called Mien, accounts for about 85% of Mien speakers. Though these languages are structurally similar to other languages of the area, most notably Chinese, no genetic relationship between Hmong-Mien and any other language family has been demonstrated

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    /həˈmôɴɢ/ /həˈmɔːŋ/


    [ 'm&[ng] ] (noun.) 1977. Hmong hmo[ng] , a self-designation.

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