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Relating to [[#Noun|highlands]]
An area of land that is at elevation; mountainous land
{n} a high or mountainous country
Relating to highlands
elevated (e g , mountainous) land
Elevated or mountainous land; often in the pl
elevated e
used of high or hilly country
an elevated region or country; as, the Highlands of Scotland
{i} elevated land, high area of land; mountainous region
mountainous land
Highland games
Festivals held throughout the year and in many countries of the world whose purpose is to celebrate the culture and heritage of Scotland and especially the Scottish Highlands
Highland wildcat
The Scottish wildcat
Highland wildcats
plural form of Highland wildcat
highland dance
To take part in highland dancing
highland dance
A type of Scottish set step routine dancing
highland tinamou
A tinamou, Nothocercus bonapartei
highland tinamous
plural form of highland tinamou
Highland Games
Highland Gathering a special event held every year in Scottish towns, with traditional Scottish sports, dancing, and music. The sports include "tossing the caber" (=throwing a long, heavy wooden pole into the air). Athletic games originating in the Scottish Highlands and now held there and in various parts of the world, usually under the auspices of a local Caledonian society. Events include flat and hurdle races, long and high jumps, hammer and weight throws, and the caber toss, the hurling end-over-end of a tapered fir pole about 17 ft (5 m) long and 90 lbs (40 kg) in weight. Competitions in bagpipe playing and Highland dancing also form an important part of the meetings
Highland dress
a set of clothes worn by some Scottish men on special occasions, for example at a wedding. Highland dress consists of a short black jacket, a bow tie, a kilt and long socks with a small knife kept under the fold at the top of one of the socks
highland fling
a vigorous Scottish reel
Armenian Highland
A plateau in Transcaucasia, connecting the Lesser Caucasus with the Taurus Mountains. Total area: about 400,000 km². Average elevation: 1500 to 2000 metres, highest point: Mount Ararat. The area lies mostly in eastern Turkey; also includes the whole of modern Armenia, southern Georgia, eastern Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh
A mountainous area of Scotland
An area of high land
{n} a mountain-Scotchman
Henry Highland Garnet
born 1815, New Market, Md., U.S. died Feb. 13, 1882, Liberia U.S. clergyman and abolitionist. Born a slave, he escaped in 1824 to New York, where he became a Presbyterian minister. He joined the American Anti-Slavery Society and agitated for emancipation; in a 1843 speech at a national convention of freedmen he called on slaves to revolt and murder their masters. The convention refused to endorse his radicalism, and he gradually turned more toward religion, serving as pastor in a number of Presbyterian pulpits during the next two decades. Late in life he favoured emigration of U.S. blacks to Africa. He was appointed U.S. minister to Liberia in 1881 but died within two months of his arrival in the African nation
someone from the Scottish Highlands
Someone from the Highlands, usually the Highlands of Scotland
{i} resident of the Scottish Highlands
plural of Highlander
{i} mountainous region of Scotland
West Highland white terrier
A small white terrier with upright ears and tail, developed in Scotland from Cairn, Scottish, and Skye terriers
a native of the Highlands of Scotland
An inhabitant of highlands, especially of the Highlands of Scotland
a native of the Highlands of Scotland a soldier in a Scottish regiment from the Highlands
One who lives in a relatively higher elevation
a soldier in a Scottish regiment from the Highlands
Highlands are mountainous areas of land
a mountainous region of northern Scotland famous for its rugged beauty; known for the style of dress (the kilt and tartan) and the clan system (now in disuse)
west highland white terrier
small white long-coated terrier developed in Scotland

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