high tea

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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
erken akşam yemeği
ikindi kahvaltısı
ağır çay ziyafeti
çaylı hafif yemek
akşam yemeği

Akşam yemeği vaktinde 10 saattir çalışıyor olacağım. - I will have worked 10 hours by suppertime.

Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Formal afternoon tea
A late afternoon or early evening meal, also known as "meat tea"
In Britain, some people have a meal called high tea in the late afternoon instead of having dinner or supper later in the evening. A fairly substantial meal that includes tea and is served in the late afternoon or early evening. a meal of cold food, cakes etc eaten in the early evening
- is most often served as a full tea with larger portions It is enjoyed at approximately six o'clock and is a light supper or a before-theater meal An entrée, such as chicken à la king or meat pie, may be served with breads, biscuits, salad, cheese, fruit and sweets Everyone sits down at the table
An afternoon or evening meal with meat and other dishes at which tea is the main beverage
A tradition started in the late 1600's to stave off hunger pains until dinner was served Dinner was usually late Probably because they were all full from High Tea Both the " beautiful bread" scones and crumpets are traditional accompaniments with High Tea but usually something a little more substantial is provided as well, like a little Welsh Rarebit
substantial early evening meal including tea
The name given to a meal served late afternoon-early evening which is a mixture of afternoon tea and dinner The meal comprises a main entree dish sometimes a pudding or dessert served with bread and butter, cakes and tea High tea was the main meal for farming and working classes in Britain in the past
early evening meal at which tea is served
high teas
plural form of high tea
high tea