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(Tıp) Yapı, şekil veya oluşum tarzı bakımından normalden uzaklaşma, özellikle yeni gelişen hücrelerin, yapı ve gelişim tarzı bakımından ana hücrelerden farklı oluşu, normal dışı gelişme
(Tıp) Yapı bakımından benzer olmalarına rağmen bazı maddelerin farklı özellikler göstermesi hali
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A lack of correspondence between parts that reflect a difference in origin
The absence of correspondence, or relation, in type of structure; lack of analogy between parts, owing to their being composed of different elements, or of like elements in different proportions; variation in structure from the normal form; opposed to homology
{i} abnormality, departure from the norm (Biology)
The connection or relation of bodies which have partial identity of composition, but different characteristics and properties; the relation existing between derivatives of the same substance, or of the analogous members of different series; as, ethane, ethyl alcohol, acetic aldehyde, and acetic acid are in heterology with each other, though each in at the same time a member of a distinct homologous series
(biology) the lack of correspondence of apparently similar body parts