have in mind

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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
akılda tutmak
aklında olmak
akılda tut
niyeti olmak
hatırında tutmak
niyet etmek
hatırında olmak
aklında olmak
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To consider, to contemplate, to intend

I had in mind buying you a present when I went to the store.

intend to refer to; "I'm thinking of good food when I talk about France"; "Yes, I meant you when I complained about people who gossip!"
intend, want, mean, plan, propose, contemplate
have in mind

    Турецкое произношение

    häv în maynd


    /ˈhav ən ˈmīnd/ /ˈhæv ɪn ˈmaɪnd/


    ... we have in mind, we've put together a very simple demo. This is actually another Tungsten. ...
    ... How would you replace it? What do you have in mind? ...

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