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belonging to a hardline (business noun sense); e.g. "hardline product"

Safety, product quality and performance are prerequisites for all hardline products such as toys, cosmetics, furniture, jewellery, DIY, etc.

uncompromising; rigidly holding to a set of beliefs
a retail product collection consisting primarily of hardware targeting the do-it-yourself customer

The Hardlines Digest is an Internet mailing list for members of the retail hardware and home center industry.

a retail product collection which includes many non-information goods, such as home appliances, housewares, sporting goods, in addition to the DIY hardware which is the focus of the first definition, above

Comparable-store sales in hardlines declined in the mid single-digit range, with the strongest performance in sporting goods.

firm and uncompromising; "a hard-line policy"
If you describe someone's policy or attitude as hardline, you mean that it is strict or extreme, and they refuse to change it. The United States has taken a lot of criticism for its hard-line stance

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    /ˈhärdˌlīn/ /ˈhɑːrdˌlaɪn/


    () hard + line The term does not appear in either the 1913 or 1838 versions of Webster's Dictionary (confirmed at ).

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