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saç tokası
Firkete: Kadınların saçlarını tutturmak için kullandıkları U biçimindeki naylon veya telden saç tokası
'u' şeklinde kıvrılan
{s} U şeklinde kıvrılan
hairpin turn keskin viraj
{i} keskin viraj
hairpin bend
yol dönemeci
hairpin bend
keskin viraj
hairpin turn
keskin viraj
hairpin curve
firkete eğrisi
hairpin curve bend
keskin viraj
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A pin or fastener for the hair
Characterized by an abrupt or extreme bend; shaped like a hairpin

Drive carefully. That road has a lot of hairpin turns.

A section of single-stranded DNA that curls back onto itself, creating a partial double helix that resembles a hairpin
{i} bobby pin, hair clip
A hairpin is a small piece of metal or plastic bent back on itself which someone uses to hold their hair in position. = hairgrip
1 A turn greater than 90 degrees on a road or race course 2 A crankshaft
U-shaped reinforcing steel used to transfer anchor bolt shear (due to column thrust) to concrete floor mass
A pin, usually forked, or of bent wire, for fastening the hair in place, used by women
A structure in which adjacent segments of DNA or RNA fold together and are stabilized by base pairing, creating a loop of single-strand DNA or RNA
A sharp, 180 degree turn on a track; when viewed from above, it resembles a hair pin
A hairpin is the same as a hairpin bend. a pin made of wire bent into a U-shape to hold long hair in position
two closed gates set in a vertical combination   The racer can enter a hairpin by skiing over (higher than) the top pole (over-hairpin), or below the top pole (into-hairpin) of the first closed gate
A sharp, 180-degree turn
a double pronged pin used to hold women's hair in place
hairpin bend
An acute bend (often one of a series) in a road, especially one on a steep incline
hairpin bend
a U-shaped bend in a road
hairpin bend
sharp turn (in a road, river, etc.)
hairpin bend
A hairpin bend or a hairpin is a very sharp bend in a road, where the road turns back in the opposite direction. .hairpin 'turn a very sharp U-shaped curve in a road
hairpin curve
sharp curve (in a road, river, etc.)
A hairpin
plural of hairpin