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küçük isim
birinci isim
(Bilgisayar) verilen ad
given a name
ad almak
indian male given name - meaning victor in wars
savaşlarda Hintli erkek isim - anlam kazanan
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A forename or first name: the primary name chosen for a child, usually by the child's parents
The name(s) which identify you as an individual, rather than as a member of a family Often termed the "Christian name" in British usage In Western cultures, it is usually the first name; in Eastern cultures, it is often the last name
first name, name given to one (as opposed to the inherited surname)
A given name is a person's first name, which they are given at birth in addition to their surname. = first name. A name given to a person at birth or at baptism, as distinguished from a surname. your first name
A "given name" is a first or middle name
1 First name 2 A name that precedes one's surname
Person’s first or middle name
the name that precedes the surname
given a bad name
Past participle of give a bad name
given names
plural form of given name
Attributive form of given name, noun
A given name
a given name
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Определение given name в Турецкий язык Английский Язык словарь

göbek adı name given
to a newborn baby when cutting its umbilical cord
given name

    Расстановка переносов

    giv·en name

    Турецкое произношение

    gîvın neym


    /ˈgəvən ˈnām/ /ˈɡɪvən ˈneɪm/


    [ 'giv ] (verb.) 13th century. Middle English, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Swedish giva to give; akin to Old English giefan, gifan to give, and perhaps to Latin habEre to have, hold.

    Слово дня

    vis major