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One thousand million ( 109 ) joules, abbreviated as GJ
- A Canadian unit of heating value equivalent to 943,213 3 Btu The standard gas unit in Canada will be the gigajoule pursuant to GISB under Order 587-A (1997) The Gigajoule is the standard unit of natural gas heating measurement in Canada Same as an MMABTU or a Dth, just in Canada It is approximately 95% of 1 MMBTU or 1 Dth, depending on definition and atmospheric pressure (Note: While GISB defines one standard conversion calculation, not every metric-to-imperial measurement conversion definition will match Therefore, there is an opportunity for both making/losing dollars
One billion joules, approximately equal to 948,211 British thermal units, which is approximately equivalent to the energy in 1 decatherm of natural gas
(GJ) One billion joules (See JOULE)
1 gigajoule = 277 78 kilowatt-hour
One billion (109) joules
One gigajoule equals 1 x 109 joules A joule is the international unit of energy - the energy produced by a power of one watt flowing for one second There are 3 6 million joules in one kilowatt-hour (see Kilowatt-hour)
One thousand million ( 10[9] ) joules, abbreviated as GJ