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Sanat galerisine gitmek istiyorsan bu otobüse bin. - If you want to go to the art gallery, get this bus.

En yakın sanat galerisi nerede? - Where's the nearest art gallery?

(Askeri) KAPALI ATIŞ YERİ: Hedefli atış eğitimi için kapalı atış yeri
galeri, karikatür sitesinden çok sayıda sanatsal karikatürü ücretsiz indirebilir, kullanabilirsiniz
(İnşaat) geçit
i dehliz
{i} üst balkon
{i} sanat galerisi

Bir sanat galerisini ziyaret edebilir miyim? - Can I visit an art gallery?

En yakın sanat galerisi nerede? - Where's the nearest art gallery?

c tarafındaki galeri
{i} ucuz balkon
{i} kemeraltı
mad galeri play to the gallery seyirciler üze rinde parlak bir tesir bırakmaya çalışma
(Askeri) Atış poligonu
{i} lağım
den eski gemilerin kı
bir ucu kapalı tünel
{i} tünel
{i} mad. galeri
üstü kapalı balkon
{i} dehliz
gallery 3d pie
(Bilgisayar) galeri 3b çember
gallery cases
(Askeri) GALERİ KASALARI: Yeraltı galerilerinin iç duvarlarını kaplamak için kullanılan hazır çerçeveler
gallery frames
(Askeri) GALERİ ÇERÇEVELERİ: Yeraltı galerilerinin iç duvarlarını kaplamakta kullanılan levhaları yerinde tutan çerçeveler
gallery pie
(Bilgisayar) galeri çember
gallery practice
(Askeri) KAPALI POLİGON ATIŞI: Bir salon veya kapalı atış yerinden, hafif ateşli silahlarla yapılan atış eğitimi
gallery practice ammunition
(Askeri) KAPALI POLİGON CEPHANESİ: Kapalı poligon atışı ve nöbet işlerinde kullanılan, sevk barutu azaltılmış, cephane
gallery practice cartridge
(Askeri) KAPALI POLİGON FİŞEĞİ: Bak. "Gallery practice ammunition"
art gallery
{i} sergi salonu
national gallery
natıonal gallery
photo gallery
(Bilgisayar) fotoğraf galerisi
access gallery
giriş galerisi
drainage gallery
drenaj galerisi
inspection gallery
yoklama galerisi
main gallery
ana galeri
peanut gallery
tiyatrodaki en üst balkon
picture gallery
resim galerisi
picture gallery
resim müzesi
press gallery
basın locası
shooting gallery
atış poligonu
an art gallery
bir sanat galerisi
art gallery
Sanat galerisi

En son ne zaman bir sanat galerisine gittin? - When was the last time you went to an art gallery?

Bir sanat galerisini ziyaret edebilir miyim? - Can I visit an art gallery?

entrance gallery
giriş galerisi
peanut gallery
fıstık galeri
transverse gallery
traverban, şişleme galeri
women's gallery
kadın galeri
access gallery
bağlantı galerisi
access gallery
ulaşım galerisi
avalanche gallery
(Coğrafya) çığ galerisi
avalanche gallery
(Coğrafya) çığ tüneli
bypass gallery
yan geçit
clip gallery
(Bilgisayar) klip galerisi
clip gallery
(Bilgisayar) küçük resim galerisi
collecting gallery
toplama galerisi
diagram gallery
(Bilgisayar) diyagram galerisi
diversion gallery
derivasyon galerisi
diversion gallery
saptırma tüneli
filtering gallery
(İnşaat) süzme galerisi
fishbone gallery
(Askeri) balık kılçığı galeri
fishbone gallery
(Askeri) BALIK KILÇIĞI GALERİ: Düşman istikametinde açılan galeri. Bak. "lateral"
grouting gallery
enjeksiyon galerisi
how are we going to the art gallery
sanat galerisine nasıl gideceğiz
infiltration gallery
(Tarım) infiltrasyon galerisi
infiltration gallery
sızdırma galerisi
inspection gallery
kontrol galerisi
is there an art gallery in this town
bu şehirde sergi salonu var mı
make gallery
dehliz açmak
make gallery
galeri yapmak
peanut gallery
{k} (tiyatrodaki) en üst balkon
peanut gallery
(Tiyatro) tiyatroda en üst sıra
peanut gallery
(Sinema) sinemada en arka sıra
pilot gallery
klâvuz galeri
press gallery
avam kamarasında basın locası
rogue's gallery
sabıkalı fotoğrafları arşivi
rogue's gallery
sabıkalılar albümü
shooting gallery
stern gallery
transverse gallery
transverse gallery
(Madencilik) şişleme galeri
ventilation gallery
havalandırma galerisi
visit gallery
(Bilgisayar) galeriye git
where is the art gallery
sanat galerisi nerede
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
An institution, building, or room for the exhibition and conservation of works of art
An establishment that buys, sells, and displays works of art
A roofed promenade, especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported by arches or columns on the outer side
Uppermost seating area projecting from the rear or side walls of a theater, concert hall, or auditorium
{n} a long narrow apartment, a balcony
A room for the exhibition of works of art; as, a picture gallery; hence, also, a large or important collection of paintings, sculptures, etc
A gallery is a privately owned building or room where people can look at and buy works of art. The painting is in the gallery upstairs
[1] Balconies over the chamber that provide for seating for the public and invited guests, and [2] Area reserved for members of the press corp
A long room, often on an upper floor, for recreation, entertainment or display of artwork
A passageway within the body of a dam or abutment
a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) passageway in a mine; "they dug a drift parallel with the vein"
A long and narrow platform attached to one or more sides of public hall or the interior of a church, and supported by brackets or columns; sometimes intended to be occupied by musicians or spectators, sometimes designed merely to increase the capacity of the hall
A long, narrow room or corridor, such as the spaces above the aisles of a church
space between parallel layers of montmorillonite clay platelets The gallery spacing changes depending on what molecule or polymer occupies the space
A working drift or level
Balconies of each chamber from which visitors may view the proceedings
{i} raised balcony-like area (in a theater, etc.); narrow covered walkway open on one or both sides; building in which artwork is exhibited; hall, room used for a particular purpose; general public
Small railing of metal or wood; term often used for the raised rim around the tops of tables
The elevated seating areas at the back and sides of a theater
narrow recessed balcony area along an upper floor on the interior of a building; usually marked by a colonnade a covered corridor (especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported with arches or columns) a long usually narrow room used for some specific purpose; "shooting gallery"
a covered corridor (especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported with arches or columns)
A, institution, building, or room for the exhibition and conservation of works of art
Those who attend a golf event for the purpose of watching the tournament
a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited spectators at a golf or tennis match
A gallery is a strip of metal that is perforated with a decorative pattern Open galleries can be adapted by jewelers to use as a ready-made claw setting for gemstones
The gallery in a theatre or concert hall is an area high above the ground that usually contains the cheapest seats. They had been forced to find cheap tickets in the gallery. If you play to the gallery, you do something in public in a way which you hope will impress people. but I must tell you that in my opinion you're both now playing to the gallery. In architecture, a long, covered space open on one side, such as a portico or a colonnade. It may be recessed into a wall or elevated on columns or corbels, and it often serves as a passageway. Within an interior, a gallery may be a platform or upper floor projecting from a wall (e.g., in a legislative house) with seating for spectators. In a church nave, the long, narrow platforms supported by colonnades are called tribune galleries. In a theatre, the gallery is the highest balcony and generally has the cheapest seats. Galleries appeared in Renaissance houses as long, narrow rooms used both as promenades and to exhibit art. The modern art gallery is their descendant. National Gallery of Art National Gallery of Canada Tate Gallery Uffizi Gallery Vatican Museums and Galleries
  The area of the legislative chamber from which proceedings may be viewed by visitors
a porch along the outside of a building (sometimes partly enclosed)
(Press) a gallery reserved for the press
A long and narrow corridor, or place for walking; a connecting passageway, as between one room and another; also, a long hole or passage excavated by a boring or burrowing animal
A gallery is an area high above the ground at the back or at the sides of a large room or hall. A crowd already filled the gallery
When prepared for defense, it is a defensive gallery
On a lighthouse tower, a railed platform, walkway or balcony located outside the watch room and/or lantern room Also referred to as a Parapet
> In jewelry, the open base of a setting that allows for the passage of light
A gallery is a place that has permanent exhibitions of works of art in it. an art gallery. the National Gallery
a wooden, steel or concrete barrier or bridge built in known avalanche paths; a gallery allows cascading snow to pass over highways and railroad racks
wood or metal border around the top edge of a table
  Spectators watching a hunting test   Need to remain in area assigned by judges/mar­shal and be quiet while dog works  Good work may be applauded, after the dog has completed all retrieves and is no longer under judgment  
floor area above a church aisle looking down on to the nave; sometimes a balcony containing seats
The seating area for visitors located above the chambers (on the fifth floor of the Capitol)
spectators at a golf or tennis match
narrow recessed balcony area along an upper floor on the interior of a building; usually marked by a colonnade
The spectator area at the ends and sides of a court By extension, the spectators, as in, "The gallery really applauded that shot "
spectators Example: The gallery exploded when she made the putt to win
Areas of both chambers where public visitors may observe the Legislature in session GERMANE Relating directly to a question GERRYMANDERING Legislative district boundary lines drawn to obtain partisan or factional advantages GOVERNOR The chief executive officer of a state GRANDFATHER CLAUSE Inserted in a bill making provisions nonapplicable to activities or personnel involved prior to the enactment of the new legislation GREEN SHEET The list of bills eligible for action by the Senate Rules Committee Green sheet bills can be placed directly on the floor calendar, if approved by a majority of the members of the Rules Committee GUBERNATORIAL APPOINTMENT Designation by the Governor to fill an office or position back to top
a long usually narrow room used for some specific purpose; "shooting gallery"
a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited
A frame, like a balcony, projecting from the stern or quarter of a ship, and hence called stern gallery or quarter gallery, seldom found in vessels built since 1850
The portion of the burner used to attach the chimney It may use "prongs" or a "crown", or it may have attachment points for screws In US gas lighting, the entire burner assembly was called the "gallery "
An intermediate floors or platform projecting from a wall of an auditorium or a hall providing extra floor area, additional seating accommodation etc Long thin room, also in a church, an upper floor overlooking the nave
The area of a legislative chamber from which the proceedings may be viewed by spectators; usually a balcony or other raised area
Any communication which is covered overhead as well as at the sides
gallery forest
riparian woodland; a dense forest of mature trees without understory, that lines both banks of a river in an otherwise treeless region
gallery organ
a division of a pipe organ placed at the end of the nave in a gallery
art gallery
a room, group of rooms, or other space where works of art are placed on display, possibly for sale
minstrel gallery
A balcony or loft for musicians in a hall or church
nigger gallery
peanut gallery
peanut gallery
Any source of heckling, unwelcome commentary or criticism, especially from a know-it-all or of an inexpert nature

Enough already from the peanut gallery; if you think you can do a better job, go right ahead.

peanut gallery
The upper balcony in a racially-segregated venues such as a theatre to which black patrons were restricted.Listening to America: An Illustrated History of Words and Phrases from Our Lively and Splendid Past by Stuart Berg Flexner (1982; Simon and Schuster; ISBN 0671248952, 9780671248956), Peanut gallery was in use in the 1880s, as a synonym for nigger gallery (1840s) or nigger heaven (1870s), the upper balcony where blacks sat, as in segregated theaters

As early as the 1870s, most theaters allowed African Americans to sit in designated areas, while the dress and parquet circles were reserved for whites. A few theaters did not allow blacks at all. In the early 1920s, black leaders protested these “peanut galleries” on the grounds that African Americans paid the same ticket price. A boycott was organized that resulted not only in the closing of the peanut galleries but also closing of the theaters to blacks altogether. It was not until the public accommodations drive in the early 1960s that all theaters were opened to blacks. On May 14, 1963, the Louisville Board of Aldermen passed the public accommodations law that made discrimination in all public facilities illegal.

play to the gallery
To appeal to the least sophisticated parts of an audience in order to obtain maximum approval
rogue gallery
Alternative form of rogues' gallery
rogue's gallery
Common misspelling of rogues' gallery
rogues gallery
Alternative spelling of rogues' gallery
rogues' gallery
A group of lawbreakers or other disreputable characters

For more than a decade, Khan, the father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb, masterminded a vast, clandestine and hugely profitable enterprise whose mission boiled down to this: selling to a rogues' gallery of nations the technology and equipment to make nuclear weapons.

rogues' gallery
A set of pictures of convicted or suspected criminals used in law enforcement investigations to help witnesses identify suspects

I nodded. All of 'em. Cutthroats to the man..

shooting gallery
Any game or match with lots of shooting (e.g. at a goal)
shooting gallery
A carnival game typically featuring a pellet gun and numerous moving mechanical tracks with small targets to be shot for prizes
shooting gallery
A room where heroin users shoot heroin
Borghese Gallery
a small but important art gallery in Rome which contains works by Raphael, Titian, and Rubens
Hayward Gallery
an art gallery which is part of the South Bank centre, on the southern side of the River Thames in London
National Gallery
a large public art gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, which contains the largest collection of important paintings in the UK. The National Gallery contains mostly European art, from all periods between about 1200 and the end of the 19th century. A large new part, called the Sainsbury Wing, was added in 1991
National Gallery of Art
a large public museum of paintings, sculptures etc in Washington, D.C. Museum in Washington, D.C., part of the Smithsonian Institution. It was founded in 1937 when Andrew W. Mellon donated his collection of European paintings to the U.S. He also donated funds to construct the gallery's Neoclassical building, opened in 1941. Now known as the West Building, it is connected by plaza and underground concourse to the East Building, designed by I.M. Pei (completed 1978). The museum houses an extensive collection of U.S. and European paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, and graphic arts from the 12th to 21st centuries; especially well represented are works by Italian Renaissance, 17th-century Dutch, and 18th-and 19th-century French artists
National Gallery of Canada
National art museum founded in Ottawa in 1880. Its holdings include extensive collections of Canadian art as well as important European works. Its nucleus was formed with the donation of diploma works by members of the Royal Canadian Academy. In 1911 the drawing collection was formed (1913-24) with important works by Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt, and the photography collection was begun in 1967. A new building opened in 1988; the Canadian Centre for the Visual Arts opened in 1991 and a multimedia learning centre in 1996. The museum circulates several hundred exhibitions to other cities throughout the country each year
National Portrait Gallery
an art gallery in Trafalgar Square in London which contains many pictures of famous men and women in British history and culture
Strangers' Gallery
the part of the British House of Commons or of the House of Lords where members of the public can sit and watch what happens in Parliament
Tate Gallery
the former name for the Tate Britain. There are also two smaller Tate Galleries outside London, one in Liverpool, and one in St Ives in southwest England. Art museum in London housing the national collection of British painting and sculpture and of modern British and European art since 1870. It is named after Sir Henry Tate (1819-1899), a sugar refiner and inventor of the sugar cube, who donated his collection of Victorian art to the nation in 1890. The Neoclassical building, designed by Sidney R. J. Smith, opened in 1897. Originally administered by the National Gallery, the museum became completely independent only in 1954. In 1987 the Clore Gallery was built to house the principal collection of J.M.W. Turner's works. In 1988 a branch was opened in Liverpool. The Tate Modern, a converted power plant housing the modern collections, opened in 2000
Uffizi Gallery
Art museum in Florence, housing the world's finest collection of Italian Renaissance painting. The core collection derives from the Medici family of Tuscany. In 1559 Cosimo I hired Giorgio Vasari to design the Uffizi Palace (1560-80), originally for use as government offices (uffizi). In 1565 Vasari built the corridor over the Ponte Vecchio connecting the Uffizi with the Pitti Palace. In 1737 Maria Ludovica, last of the Medici, bequeathed the family collections to Tuscany; the collection was given museum status and opened to the public in 1769. The building was restored and enlarged after bomb damage in World War II and flooding in 1966. In addition to Florentine paintings, the Uffizi houses outstanding works of other Italian and non-Italian schools, antique sculpture, a gallery of self-portraits, and 100,000 prints and drawings
art gallery
a building where paintings are shown to the public
art gallery
{i} room or place where works of art are displayed
art gallery
a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited
fly gallery
A narrow elevated platform at the side of the stage in a theater, from which a stagehand works the ropes controlling equipment in the flies
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plural of gallery
channels made by termites and other insects as they eat their way through wood - the place where they lay their eggs
Passages carved out under bark on in wood by insects feeding or laying eggs
peanut gallery
(figurative) people whose criticisms are regarded as irrelevant or insignificant (resembling uneducated people who throw peanuts on the stage to express displeasure with a performance); "he ignored complaints from the peanut gallery
photo gallery
location where photographs are displayed for public viewing, location where photography exhibitions take place
play to gallery
act obsequiously to the masses, flatter the masses
play to the gallery
try to impress the general public, try to impress the masses
press gallery
The press gallery is the area in a parliament, legislature, or council which is reserved for journalists who report on its activities. an area above or at the back of a hall, used by news reporters
press gallery
balcony reserved for journalists to sit and observe an event
press gallery
an area (sometimes in a balcony) set aside for reporters (especially in a legislative hall)
rogue's gallery
a collection of pictures of criminals
rogues' gallery
disapproval You can refer to a group of people or things that you consider undesirable as a rogues' gallery. He and others in the rogues gallery of international terrorists may be running out of time. A collection of pictures of known and suspected criminals maintained in police files and used for making identifications
rogues' gallery
A rogues' gallery is a collection of photographs of criminals that is kept by the police and used when they want to identify someone. a Rogues' Gallery of juvenile crime gangs
shooting gallery
an enclosed firing range with targets for rifle or handgun practice a building (usually abandoned) where drug addicts buy and use heroin
shooting gallery
shooting range, place where one can go to practice shooting
shooting gallery
A shooting gallery is a place where people use rifles to shoot at targets, especially in order to win prizes
shooting gallery
an enclosed firing range with targets for rifle or handgun practice
shooting gallery
a building (usually abandoned) where drug addicts buy and use heroin
whispering gallery
a space beneath a dome or arch in which sounds produced at certain points are clearly audible at certain distant points
winning gallery
A winning opening in court tennis below the side penthouse and on the hazard side of the net
women's gallery
place where women sit in orthodox synagogues