future tense

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gelecek zaman

Basit gelecek zaman denilen şey İngilizce sınavında kabul edilse bile, o mevcut değildir. - It is even becoming accepted even in exam-English that that called simple future tense does not exist.

gelecek zaman gram
the future tense
(Dilbilim) gelecek zaman
future continuous tense
sürekli gelecek zaman
future perfect continuous tense
gelecekte bitmiş zamanın sürekli şekli
future perfect tense
gelecekte bitmiş zaman
simple future tense
basit gelecek zaman
future continuous tense
(Dilbilim) gelecek zamanda süreklilik
the future tense
dilb. gelecek zaman
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The tense or time form of a verb used to refer to an event or occurrence that has not yet happened or is expected to happen in the future
form of a verb expressing action yet to come (Grammar)
A verb tense expressing future time
future tenses
plural form of future tense
Attributive form of future tense

future-tense form.

relative future tense
A special form of future tense used in Celtic languages after certain conjunctions and pronouns, eg Scottish Gaelic cuin (when), ma (if) or dè (what)

Chan eil sinn cinnteach dè a chluinneas sinn. - We are not certain what we will hear.

A future tense
future perfect tense
a perfective tense used to describe action that will be completed in the future; "`I will have finished' is an example of the future perfect"
future perfect tense
{i} verb tense that describes an action that has not yet been completed and will be finished in the future (e.g., "By that time, I will have finished")
future tense

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    fu·ture tense

    Турецкое произношение

    fyuçır tens


    /ˈfyo͞oʧər ˈtens/ /ˈfjuːʧɜr ˈtɛns/


    [ 'fyü-ch&r ] (adjective.) 14th century. Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French futur, from Latin futurus about to be; more at BE.

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