fuel oil

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fuel oil
sıvı yakıt
(Ticaret) fuel oil
blended fuel oil
(Kimya) harmanlanmış yağ yakıt
fill up fuel oil
yakıt doldurmak
sampling fuel oil
yağ örneği
vehicle fuel oil
araç yakıtı
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Ham petrolün damıtılması sonunda elde edilen ve yakıt olarak kullanılan ürün, yağ yakıt
Yakıt olarak kullanılan petrol türevi
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oil which is used for fuel (made from crude petroleum)
a petroleum product used for fuel
A liquid petroleum product having a flash point above 37,8 degrees C used, e g , in industrial furnaces, domestic heaters, and ships
the heavy oil from the refining process; used as fuel for power stations, industry, ships etc
A general term which is applied to any oil used for the production of power and heat For a description of classes of fuels, see ASTM D 288
Refined petroleum products used as a fuel for home heating and industrial and utility boilers Fuel oil is divided into two broad categories, distillate fuel oil, also known as No 2 fuel, gasoil, or diesel fuel; and residual fuel oil, also known as No 6 fuel, or outside the United States, just as fuel oil No 2 fuel is a light oil used for home heating, in compression ignition engines, and in light industrial applications No 6 oil is a heavy fuel used in large commercial, industrial, and electric utility boilers
A liquid fuel composed of a mixture of medium-sized or heavy hydrocarbons and produced by refining crude oil Lighter varieties of fuel oil include diesel fuel, home-heating oil, kerosene, and jet fuel, while heavier fuel oils are used by industries, ships, and electric power plants to generate heat and power
- a heavy distillate oil used for power stations, industry and ships boilers
The fossil fuel used for heating; a petroleum distillate
A liquid or liquefiable petroleum product that is used to generate heat or power
A lesser-refined oil used in space-heating equipment
Fuel Oil for onshore facility
A refinery product having different meanings according to refinery or locale Usually fuel oil Numbers 1 and 2 is diesel fuel or kerosene whereas fuel oil Numbers 4, 5, 6 or 7 is furnace oil or fuel not suitable for a motor vehicle
Petroleum products that are burned to produce heat or power
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(Ticaret) fuel-oil
fuel oil
fuel oil
fuel oil
fuel oil

    Турецкое произношение

    fyul oyl


    /ˈfyo͞ol ˈoil/ /ˈfjuːl ˈɔɪl/


    [ 'fyü(-&)l ] (noun.) 13th century. Middle English fewel, from Old French fouaille, from Vulgar Latin focalia, from Latin focus hearth.

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