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Drawn using the hand without any helping device
Done by the hand, without support, or the guidance of instruments; as, free- hand drawing
{s} sketched or drawn freely (without artificial aids)
Macromedia's vector-based illustration program Flash 5 now features tighter integration between the two software packages to allow easier image editing and importing
A computer illustration program developed by the former Aldus Corporation Now owned and developed by Macromedia Corp Frequency: The lines per inch (lpi) in a halftone screen FTP (File Transfer Protocol): The standard method for uploading and downloading files between different computers via the internet
A graphic design program used on Applemac computers for the production of Text and Artwork
A pipe which is made entirely by hand without the use of machines The design of each freehand is unique, and therefore often extremely original Grain - The grain of a briar or cherry pipe may be straight, curly or ‘flame’ according to the smoker’s taste The choice is a matter of aesthetics, not smoking quality A beautifully grained pipe should not be lacquered but hand rubbed
A computer illustration program developed by the former Aldus Corporation Now developed by Adobe Corp
without the use of artificial aids (about drawing or sketching)
See under Drawing
done by hand without mechanical aids or devices; "a freehand drawing
A freehand drawing is drawn without using instruments such as a ruler or a pair of compasses. freehand sketches. Freehand is also an adverb. Use a template or stencil or simply do it freehand. drawn by hand without using any special tools freehand drawing/sketch
a vector-based, graphic drawing program or application that lets you create professional artwork, from simple logos to advertisements to intricate technical illustrations
Macromedia vector based illustration software, commonly used when creating logos and other graphically based images Similar to Adobe Illustrator
The cutting of hair without holding it in place (NB not to be confused with texturising)
A professional graphics program produced by Macromedia We use FreeHand for all of our graphic design work such as logos and drawings We then either print directly from FreeHand or export the graphics to PageMaker or QuarkXPress
done by hand without mechanical aids or devices; "a freehand drawing"

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