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(Askeri) görüş sahası (field of view)
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
maximum "looking" ability of a camera from an existing standpoint
Field of view, for an individual FGS is approximately a quarter annulus with inner and outer radii of 10 2 and 14 0 arcminutes respectively The total field of view is sometimes referred to as the FGS pickle
Field of view The area or solid angle which can be viewed through an optical instrument
Field of View, the size, in mm of the space (i e, real distances) represented by the image (voxel/pixel size x number of voxels/pixels) For example, an image with 10 isotropic pixels, each 5 mm square, would have an FOV of 10x5 or 50 mm Field of view can, of course, be different in each direction
Field of View The width, height or diameter of a scene to be monitored Usually determined by the focal length of a lens, the sensor format and the distance to the objects More details
Field of view