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A band of frequencies, in a sound spectrum, that have a greater intensity; they determine the quality of a sound; especially the characteristic sounds of the consonants
(Phonetics) any of the three characteristic pitch constituents of a vowel
The harmonics of a sound clustered in groups that give a sound its timbre
A range of frequency to which a system responds Preferentially or which is emphasized in its output
A resonance in the vocal tract, which causes a peak in the spectral envelope of a speech sound
A resonance of the vocal tract
An element in the sound of a voice or instrument that does not change frequency as different pitches are sounded
A resonant peak in a frequency spectrum For example, the variable formants produced by the human vocal tract are what give vowels their characteristic sound
The resonant characteristics of an acoustic sound generator For example, the distinguishing characteristics of the vowel sounds of a human voice, as determined by that person's physical characteristics; what makes each voice sound unique These characteristics are actually emphasized frequency bands, and are relatively fixed in frequency despite the pitch of the voice changing
A peak in the frequency response of a vocal tract or musical instrument Different vowel sounds are characterized by the position and shape of their formants The human vocal tract typically has five formant regions
Harmonic content of a sound that determine the sound's character, especially important in human vocal sounds, where formants are produced by mouth shape and vocal cord length
plural of formant

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